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  1. Anonymous

    So Fractal since this TIE Bomber model is around 14 years old do you think it need a redux or it is fine as it is?

    • Anonymous

      My mistake just found out that it is actually almost 8 years old because he start making it in spring 2004 but took many years until summer 2010 so sorry for that.
      Although Fractal you did still say it is a old model is will there a chance of getting a redux or not?

      • Fractalsponge

        If I did it again I’d do it differently, but it’d look pretty damn similar. It’s not a highly detailed model to begin with, even (especially?) the studio one.

  2. PhantomFury

    Mm, I notice this for TIE defender and this bomber, but they have more than two ion engines that make up the classic TIE definition. Is this creative license or have it always been like this?

    • gorkmalork

      The little red glowing bits might just be thrust-vectoring *nozzles* for engines within the fuselage, and not correspond with the actual engine count.

  3. gorkmalork

    So either that teeny-tiny pair of holes near the connector’s top, or another equally puny pair near the bottom? Talk about details the original model (or any subsequent renditions) could’ve denoted a bit more clearly. Anyhow, the cockpit/’nozzle’ lighting update manages to look good even on this tub.

    • George Apley

      Definitely. Laser cannon aren’t clear on the original film models, nor on Fractal’s version. It’s only Expanded Universe stuff that describes them, and I believe they were meant to be on the pod connector. If only because that’s where folks writing the material could justify them on the models.

      • gorkmalork

        This line of thought has me (a) wondering how often bomber pilots use the lasers anyway and (b) whether some of those ‘minibox’ launcher-strips Fractal whipped up for the Scimitar might serve as a useful tail-defense retrofit in place of the gravity bomb/mine chute.

    • Fractalsponge

      Just updated the fripperies – still 2 sets of twin nozzles but the vanes use the more detailed ones from Avenger onward.

  4. Anonymous

    So Fractal after checking this sweet 4K render of the TIE Bomber you just did I got 4 things to say about it.
    1. Since you modeling your fighters in 4K will you also do the same for your warships or not?
    2a. If you are doing both fighters and warships will the next 4K model will either be another fighter or a warship?
    2b. If you are only doing fighters is the next fighter in 4K render will either be the TIE Interceptor or a TIE Avenger?
    3. About the TIE Bomber I notice it doesn’t have the twin chin laser cannons like with the other TIES even though both in Legends & Canon it does have them so why is this the case then?

    • George Apley

      4. IIRC, the bomber’s twin cannon are in the “bridge-connector” between the pods.

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