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  1. Anonymous

    reminds me of a y-wing

    • gorkmalork

      There are some surprising design parallels, though I’m pretty sure those launcher strips edge the Y out as regards stored ordnance.

      • Speaking of the Y-wing the length is 23.4 meters (or 16.24 meters without the engine nacelles) and around 16 meters wide while the Scimitar is 13.8 meters in length.
        By away since the Scimitar outperform the TIE Bomber as a well you know bomber would the TIE/IT Interdictor (Which is a TIE Bomber with four weapon pods) perform better than the Scimitar or not?
        Here the TIE Interdictor: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/9/9f/Redline-XWM.png/revision/latest?cb=20160916063542

        • gorkmalork

          Depends on how you define ‘better’. I actually find the Interdictor/Punisher more aesthetically appealing than its TIE/sa predecessor due to its more symmetrical pod layout, and it certainly seems liable to pack more ordnance than a Scimitar, but I sorely doubt it handles or accelerates much like the latter (especially in atmosphere). Here’s hoping Sienar at least offers aftermarket shuttle-grade shields for those bruisers.

  2. Anonymous

    So Fractal I look up that during you work on the Vindicator class star frigate you said here about the Gladiator: http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic.php?p=3930496#p3930496
    The Gladiator you would sooner or later created was a medium carrier/frigate that have the same weapons as the Vindicator, carry 4-6 fighter squadrons and 1-2 battalions and I agree with you being a carrier with it’s many hanger bays around the ship (but not one underneath the ship belly like with other ships for some reason especially if it was a carrier) instead of being a star destroyer which is too small to be one when is 500 meters in length.
    Although in legends the Gladiator was said to carry 24 fighters which is 2 squadrons which I bet they don’t know about the TIE fighters being really smaller and the ship and it’s hangers being really larger then they think when you compare it with each other and trying to put how many fighters in it’s hanger bays which you normally do Fractal, Also there was a Gladiator II which said to have better anti-starfighter capabilities and some of it’s guns on it’s side have increased ranges but then again it is only in a boardgame Star Wars Armada so I guess that won’t really count right?

  3. gorkmalork

    Hm, *just* noticed this beastie’s mid-fuselage dual launchers-I take it those are for picking off fighter targets, leaving the ventral rows for anti-ship/surface duty. Sharp-looking chin gun package too, and interesting contrast ‘tween the crew compartment(?) & engine/payload space. Seems better-suited to cram on a defensive turret mount than the /sa, though perhaps ‘speed is life’ was on the designers’ minds.

    • Steve Bannon

      The crew compartment is also an escape pod, like the Lambda. TIE line craft having a strong emphasis on pilot survivability and recoverability makes a lot of sense, with even the TIE/ln having an ejection seat. My biggest gripe with Rebel/Old Republic flight crew is the total lack of vacuum appropriate helmets, but hey, we’ve got to be able to see Wedge’s lips move.

      • gorkmalork

        Well, that and accommodate pilots with cranial shapes/sizes/extrusions which don’t fit Imp-standardized headgear. That noted, we could truly use more custom-marked/colored TIEs & flight apparel thereof, just so viewers don’t need X-ray ‘cheats’ ala that TIE Fighter(R) fanvid. Still curious about that fairing *behind* the cockpit pod: magazine/hyperdrive/shield-generator space, with a mini-refresher crammed in somewhere?

  4. CamoPants

    I always liked this better then the TIE Bomber. Wish we had seen it in the movies, and seen more of it in novels and video games.

  5. Anonymous

    Ah a unique TIE model that isn’t called a TIE for some reason.
    Ok the next 4K fighter render is definitely going to be a TIE Interceptor.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not a TIE because it doesn’t twin ion engines so it’s just a ship made by SFS

      • gorkmalork

        Certainly looks TIE enough regardless of the name or engine count-‘sides, who says the T has to stand *exclusively* for ‘triple’?

      • Steve Bannon

        Lots of other Imperial snubfighters with more than two engines use the TIE designation, like the Defender, Bomber, and Fractal’s Mangler. It’s a corporate brand with a lot of recognition value to Sienar, so they slap it on everything they make smaller than a corvette.

        • Fractalsponge

          This – and engines =/= nozzles. I think there can be multiple exhausts for off-axis thrust, but still two engines (of very variable size and power). At least that’s how I’m rationalizing it.

        • There’s also the TIE advanced, who has 4 engines.

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