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  1. So I check this ship’s armaments and fighters and it carry a whopping 50 fighter wings (That over 8 fighter groups!) I mean wow make me wonder how many fighter wings can the Preator fleet carrier variant carry.
    Anyway here the stats: http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic.php?p=4037308#p4037308
    By away Fractal since 6 fighter wings make a group what would 6 fighter group would equal to?

    • Sephiroth0812

      It’s a battleship isn’t it?
      So 600+ fighters are reasonable, especially since the Legator seems to be an late-Republic design (it has Venator-HTL turrets) and unlike the Imps the Republic had more of a focus on fighter craft.

      I also find the Legator somehow very visually pleasing, it has a sleek yet dangerous looking design and seems to be capable of blasting apart any Separatist or Rebel vessel it faces (except maybe the Malevolence).

      Where stands it power-wise anyways? I guess Executor, Assertor and Bellator are a few numbers too big for it to take on, but anything other it seems to have a fair chance against.

      Also, just how big are those hangars?
      It looks like it could take a Venator up in those without a problem.

  2. I wonder how this would look with ISD 1 main turrets instead of Venator turrets

  3. Anyone have any thoughts on how long this is supposed to be?

    • gorkmalork

      Pretty sure it’s 8 km (which, oddly enough, was Executor’s quoted length in a ton of old-EU books & games).

  4. Seeing these ships just makes me even more disappointed with the Sequels we’re getting. Chock full of crappy designs…

  5. gorkmalork

    Ooh, engine glow & shade-flourishes for Executor’s big-eared aunt. Supposed energetic implications aside, gold just fits this puppy, and that head-on ninth shot down is possibly its best angle.

    • That head-on shot is epic. Also, by order of Imperial Center, you’re required to listen to this while viewing these pictures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bzWSJG93P8

      • gorkmalork

        Does Director Isard allow for soundtrack variants? ‘Cause this one seems like the Coruscant public-approved key: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9MShtCg4fk

        • Ooh, that’s really cool. Thanks for linking. If the Empire were good guys, that’d be the music for them.

          • Chris Bradshaw

            The Empire are the good guys. Look what happened when they fell apart. Hux and his merry band of Space Daesh took over.

          • gorkmalork

            Can’t help figuring that falls under ‘certain point of view’ territory, and one unlikely to be shared by a massive chunk of the galaxy-‘specially whomever the Death Stars (and then Starkiller) were scheduled to ‘reprimand’. Plenty of medium/low-echelon Imps weren’t privy to high command’s malfeasance, of course-in fact, I keep visualizing an ex-Remnant sector force or two throwing their lot in with the Resistance somewhere during/prior to Ep 8. That way we get Impstars, Tectors, Vics & the odd Praetor dueling Resurgents & siege pizzas alongside whatever NR fleet survived the Hosnian carnage. Doubtful the films themselves will allow for that shade of gray, but hey-big galaxy.

          • Arvenski

            “I keep visualizing an ex-Remnant sector force or two throwing their lot in with the Resistance somewhere during/prior to Ep 8.” I’d love it if that were the case. Good-guy pseudo-Imperials would be fun to see, especially if they had their own aesthetic that was recognizably Imperial in origin but was also different, indicating how these people have changed since the time of Palpatine’s Empire.

          • gorkmalork

            Dunno about you, but ‘my’ aesthetic(s) would involve less standardized paint jobs & unit markings on everything from battlecruisers (Republic-style stripes?) to TIE squadrons (desert-tan Avengers, anyone?), depending on where said fleets were originally stationed. Plus, (a) a notable percentage of nonhuman grunts & officers and (b) an eclectic second-line assortment of supply-chain superfreighters & captured pirate/Black Sun/Hutt cartel assets-after a couple years their access to original Imp resources/channels would be patchy at best.

          • Arvenski

            Yeah, that’s kinda what I was thinking. Non-standard paint schemes on ships, with lots of visible wear, tear, and sort-of-repaired battle damage in places. Troopers might have camouflaged armor, like the clones used to, and could be equipped with a motley assortment of gear and weapons. (A good touch would be if most troops weren’t using full helmets anymore. That would show that these people have come a long way from being Imperials, and would emphasize their humanity, since we could see their faces.) What I’m thinking of are the Rebel soldiers from Rogue One, but with a bit more of an Imperial look to them. And yeah, definitely a good amount of aliens and women (I know women in the Imperial military have been canon for ages, but we never see them in the films) throughout the ranks.

          • gorkmalork

            Now that you mention partial helmets: I’m starting to ponder what scout-biker headgear would look like with a Scarif beachtrooper dye job & detachable air filter.

          • There was a guy in one scene of Rogue one, who wore a scout helmet dyed in black.

        • Avenski… it all depends on the mood of the propaganda. The first for ‘You can’t win, surrender now.’ the second for ‘See we’re really not so bad.’

          can you just imagine Vader visiting Palpy’s Youth Center? mwhahaha

  6. Anonymous

    You know at this point my predictions just going to be luck based so I’l just accept which ships or fighters going to get a 4K render instead of randomly guessing which is next.
    Also the engines glow orange this time huh so i guess the acceleration speed will be between red slowest and blue fastest right?

  7. absolutely gorgeous

    I’ll always be attached to this ship, thanks to it’s name, shape, and personal appeal, but *damn*, you are truly a magician, captain

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