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  1. Darth Ashes

    Hi Fractal

    As someone mentioned the Pride Of Tarlandia, have you ever considered doing your interpretation of this mysterious ‘communications ship’ from RotJ? Using that command tower/bridge a lot of theorists have said could belong to it? Would be interesting to see! And we would finally have a ‘face’ to put to the ‘name’.

  2. Anonymous

    So Fractal since you said this ship can carry a army sized troop contingent does it mean it is either a field army (100k-300k troops) or a army group front? (2+ field armies)

    • Fractalsponge

      An army. I think this is probably where things start getting non-standard in surface formations. Corps is fairly well defined, but armies can vary depending on needs.

      • Anonymous

        So is technically both but the field army will be for normal invasion while a army group is for major invasion right?
        Also I forgot about the largest unit the army theater can the Legator carry that or is it too much even for that ship?

  3. Sephiroth0812

    Unrelated to other interesting discussions already going on, I recently re-read the novelization of Return of the Jedi and also scoured around Wookieepedia a little in response.
    During the Battle of Endor it is said that while the Executor is the only full “Super Star Destroyer” present, but both the new Disney Canon and Legends also identify the “Pride of Tarlandia”, which is described as a “Battlecruiser” which acts as a communication and coordination unit for the Imperial fleet.

    Would it be too farfetched to headcanon the “Pride of Tarlandia” as being a vessel of the Legator-class considering its massive domes and their possible role?
    With its 8km its significantly smaller than the Executor, but still way bigger than a regular ImpStar.

    • Grand Admiral Declann

      I was thinking that the domes could be shield generators, but apparently they are massive fire-control radars. Given how it is supposedly a battleship with 50TT Standardized Twins in Turrets, which is 3,580,000,000 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb in a single bolt. 2 of the bolts each time they fire a gun as they are twins. There are 362 of those guns on the ship. Want a planet gone? Point the ship at a planet, and rotate all the guns to hit as close to a focal point as they can, then “You may fire when ready.” Bye Bye Geonosis!

      • Grand Admiral Declann

        ftWoops, I missed the 4 DIRECTLY BEHIND THE MAIN THRUST NOZZLE! Woauldn’t they slag and melt? And what if they had an absent-minded gunner who sent a bolt directly down the engine shaft?

        • Fractalsponge

          You know the ability to lock the traverse of a turret so it can’t shoot into a ship’s structure is a thing?

      • Fractalsponge

        The domes are sensor domes. The turrets have 2x 70TT HTL each. And no, a single broadside is not enough to disrupt a planet – like a million times less.

    • Grand Admiral 517

      Sadly not. The Legator-class has the Tractor beam targeting array of the Imperial I-class while the Pride of Tarlandia is shown to have the communications tower of the Imperial II-class.

      I’d say the Pride of Tarlandia is most likely an Allegiance-class

  4. Grand Admiral Declann

    Sorry, that was the Architect part of me speaking….. Great work, Fractal Sponge! Seriously though, could you try to make a Fleet Shield Generator type Ship? The uses for that ship would be unbelievably immense. At worst, it would just be a support ship. At best, it could keep an entire — or at least a significant portion — of a Sector Fleet alive to fight another day.

  5. Grand Admiral Declann

    So the Empire made a specialized Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer called the Conquerer and it had a super laser, right? They also made a Cruiser that can keep targets from escaping to lightspeed called the Interdictor. Why did the Empire not make a ship dedicated to protecting their own capitol ships? Then they would have the holy trio of Space Combat: a ship that could destroy nearly any ship with a single shot, a ship to keep the hostile vessels from escaping, and they would also have a ship that would keep their own ships safe from nearly all damage.

    • Sephiroth0812

      Depends on what you mean by “protecting their capital ships”, from what threat?

      Massive fighter/bomber attacks?
      For this the Empire has the Raider-Corvette (new Disney-canon)/Lancer Frigate (Legends canon) or Carrack Cruisers.
      They can also add a carrier to the group to counter enemy fighters with their own like i.e. a Ton-Falk Escort Carrier or a Venator-class Star Destroyer (the latter bringing also a bit of firepower with it).
      Interdictor Cruisers themselves also have a sizeable anti-fighter armament.

      Light ships swarming the lumbering bigger ones like the “Conqueror” (which was an one-of-a-kind experimental ship btw, not a true class for mass production)?
      They have Arquitens-class Light Cruisers, Vindicator-class Heavy Cruisers, Nebulon B-Frigates, Victory II-Frigates, Gozanti Cruisers or Gladiator SDs to cover this area.

      • Grand Admiral Declann

        I mean a ship the size of the Legator devoted to powering a MASSIVE Deflector Shield. The ships you listed would be great for protecting, but at their own expense. The idea I have is a Fleet Support Ship. I originally thought that the Legator was like that, because of the huge domes.

        • Sephiroth0812

          You mean like a flying theater shield that’s normally used for ground bases? Interesting idea, although I imagine it greatly hampering fleet mobility and draining on the energy resources of the ship in question.
          Not to mention physical objects like fighters/drones or missiles could just fly through the deflector shield so unless there’s also a projected particle shield the support would be only partial.

          The Legator-class is a battleship though, although a late Republic/early Empire one so it can be imagined serving in both Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War conflicts.

          True to Republic doctrine it doesn’t have the “overwhelming firepower” of later fully Imperial designs, but does offer quite a room for fighters just like the main Republic workhouse, the Venator itself.
          In contrast to the Venator’s 420 fighters though the Legator can carry 3600 fighters, which is more than double what a CIS Lucrehulk can carry.

          Its form and the big engines also suggest to me that it may be reasonably fast and thus probably a “fast response”-type of ship used for Rapid response missions rather than normal battleline duty.
          The big domes being extra strong sensors and surveillance/scanner equipment may also point towards such a role possibly combined with it being a coordination center for other fleet elements.
          It having a dual role is also typical for most Republic ship classes during the Clone Wars so that would also fit.

          I don’t know the exact numbers of its weaponry, but from what I’ve read from other comments it apparently uses the same heavy dual turbolaser turrets as the Venator in terms of main battery, of course in much higher numbers.
          Judging by just viewing the model without zooming in, I can already count 192 turrets on the dorsal side (24 x 8) and 48 (6 x 8) on the ventral side which I suspect are the main battery, that’s not counting in any possible Ion cannons or medium Turbolasers that make up the secondary batteries.
          Maybe fractal can list a definite take on this class’ armament?

  6. Grand Admiral Declann

    What is the job of this ship? would it be a shield magnifier? Put it in the middle of a fleet in a tight cluster formation, stacking their shields, so that this would drastically boost shield power? I don’t see many emplacements, unlike the Assertor or the Bellator. As a Non-fleet ship, this thing would be hillariously outgunned.

    • gorkmalork

      Those super-sized domes are apparently comm/EW/scanner devices; as for shield-stacking, dunno whether even your average battlecruiser/dreadnought would want to add ‘mobile theater defense’ to its already-hefty power demands, or whether the cost in general fleet mobility would be mitigated by such defensive coverage if it worked.

      • Grand Admiral Declann

        Overlapping shields by getting close enough is possible. I was wondering because of, well, those massive domes, and also the apparent lack of offensive weapons. What is the point of those turrets, anyways? They look to small to do any severe damage to a major Capitol Ship, at least without focusing a quarter of that quadrant’s cannons on a singular target. Probably the easiest way to kill this ship is to swarm its rear belly section with a B-Wing Attack Run. There are only 4 turrets protecting the engines.

        • Grand Admiral Declann

          And yes, I know that the ship can still escape without it’s sublight engines, but if you swarm enough fighters, bombers, corvettes and frigates around it, and it wouldn’t be able to jump to hyperspace. Not without severely damaging itself at least and rupturing the domes and destroying the equipment inside. Also, the reason why I could see the Empire making a ship specifically made to generate a shield around other ships when they are in a tightly packed Attack Formation is because if the Dreadnoughts and Star Destroyers don’t have to worry about generating their own shields, then they can put the power that would go into the shields into the weapons. Imagine if they made an Executor heavily modified with massive shield generator domes to give the ship the ability to protect ships around it. At the Battle of Jakku, if the Executor was like /that/, then the Empire would have had won that battle fairly easily. Just keep the ISDs within the shield, while pouring fire out at the Republic ships.

  7. Anonymous

    So I check this ship’s armaments and fighters and it carry a whopping 50 fighter wings (That over 8 fighter groups!) I mean wow make me wonder how many fighter wings can the Preator fleet carrier variant carry.
    Anyway here the stats: http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic.php?p=4037308#p4037308
    By away Fractal since 6 fighter wings make a group what would 6 fighter group would equal to?

    • Sephiroth0812

      It’s a battleship isn’t it?
      So 600+ fighters are reasonable, especially since the Legator seems to be an late-Republic design (it has Venator-HTL turrets) and unlike the Imps the Republic had more of a focus on fighter craft.

      I also find the Legator somehow very visually pleasing, it has a sleek yet dangerous looking design and seems to be capable of blasting apart any Separatist or Rebel vessel it faces (except maybe the Malevolence).

      Where stands it power-wise anyways? I guess Executor, Assertor and Bellator are a few numbers too big for it to take on, but anything other it seems to have a fair chance against.

      Also, just how big are those hangars?
      It looks like it could take a Venator up in those without a problem.

      • Anonymous

        Well the ship is 8km in length which is battleship size but like I said it carry 50 wings of fighters (Which is equal to a whopping 3,600 fighters!) so I guess it could also be called a Battlecarrier (Although I kinda doubt Fractal would like that term to be use) but the Legator also have many EW and command equipment which make it more of the Command Ship.

        • Anonymous

          Speaking of the Battlecarrier Fractal someone have use you Impellor and made it from the fleet carrier to the Battlecarrier although it’s classification was a Super Carrier.
          It decrease the length to 3km and made it to have carry two full attack craft of fighters and interceptors, half the wing of bombers and a squadron of gunships although it oddly said in it’s hangers are 18 squadrons, it’s defenses is high and it’s speed and maneuverability were low.
          Here are more information about it: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/109441-ifw-impellor-class-battle-carrier/

          • Fractalsponge

            That’s someone’s RPG stats, which I can’t control and don’t care about.

          • Anonymous

            Well I though there the chance someone might see that person stats first instead of yours and might get confuse of which one is right or wrong so sorry that I waste your time with that comment.
            Anyway Fractal what do you think of the idea of the Battlecarrier?

          • Sephiroth0812

            With fan-made units there is strictly spoken no “right or wrong” in regards to stats as there exist many fan rps, fanon wikis etc. around the net and ships that don’t have official stats get assigned new and different ones everytime a design is repurposed for another alternate universe.

            Even canon/Legends designs that do have official stats on pages like Wookieepedia get repurposed for differing purposes.

        • Sephiroth0812

          Strictly spoken the Venator already is a “Battlecarrier” as it is a hybrid design of a medium destroyer and carrier vessel, although the carrier is its primary role and the destroyer the secondary one.
          So the Legator following this line of thinking only on a bigger scale is reasonable to a degree considering the apparent doctrine of the “Old” Republic of having dual-role ships and a bigger emphasis on fighters than the later Empire has.

          3600 fighters is certainly a huge complement, so I would guess that a Republic-era Legator would carry V19-Torrents and NTB-630 bombers early-Clone Wars, then switching to V-wings/Clone Z-95s and ARC-170 fighter/bombers in the late Clone Wars.

          An Imperial Legator would obviously carry TIE Fighters/TIE Interceptors and TIE Bombers.

  8. Anonymous

    I wonder how this would look with ISD 1 main turrets instead of Venator turrets

    • Grand Admiral Declann

      You mean the Octuple guns? Yeah, that would make it a seriously heavy hitter. It would be able to go toe-to-toe against a Mon Cal Cruiser, and win.

      • Anonymous

        That the ISD 2 guns which is the 32/40 teratons caliber, I’m talking about the duel 175 teratons caliber heavy turbolasers use by the ISD 1.
        Plus the Legator already have the 175 teratons caliber heavy turbolasers which is the ball quads turbolasers in the trench alongside the ball quad 240 teratons caliber heavy ion cannons so I think it doesn’t need those ISD 1 guns.

    • gorkmalork

      Pretty sure it’s 8 km (which, oddly enough, was Executor’s quoted length in a ton of old-EU books & games).

  9. Jason

    Seeing these ships just makes me even more disappointed with the Sequels we’re getting. Chock full of crappy designs…

  10. gorkmalork

    Ooh, engine glow & shade-flourishes for Executor’s big-eared aunt. Supposed energetic implications aside, gold just fits this puppy, and that head-on ninth shot down is possibly its best angle.

        • Arvenski

          Ooh, that’s really cool. Thanks for linking. If the Empire were good guys, that’d be the music for them.

          • Chris Bradshaw

            The Empire are the good guys. Look what happened when they fell apart. Hux and his merry band of Space Daesh took over.

          • gorkmalork

            Can’t help figuring that falls under ‘certain point of view’ territory, and one unlikely to be shared by a massive chunk of the galaxy-‘specially whomever the Death Stars (and then Starkiller) were scheduled to ‘reprimand’. Plenty of medium/low-echelon Imps weren’t privy to high command’s malfeasance, of course-in fact, I keep visualizing an ex-Remnant sector force or two throwing their lot in with the Resistance somewhere during/prior to Ep 8. That way we get Impstars, Tectors, Vics & the odd Praetor dueling Resurgents & siege pizzas alongside whatever NR fleet survived the Hosnian carnage. Doubtful the films themselves will allow for that shade of gray, but hey-big galaxy.

          • Arvenski

            “I keep visualizing an ex-Remnant sector force or two throwing their lot in with the Resistance somewhere during/prior to Ep 8.” I’d love it if that were the case. Good-guy pseudo-Imperials would be fun to see, especially if they had their own aesthetic that was recognizably Imperial in origin but was also different, indicating how these people have changed since the time of Palpatine’s Empire.

          • gorkmalork

            Dunno about you, but ‘my’ aesthetic(s) would involve less standardized paint jobs & unit markings on everything from battlecruisers (Republic-style stripes?) to TIE squadrons (desert-tan Avengers, anyone?), depending on where said fleets were originally stationed. Plus, (a) a notable percentage of nonhuman grunts & officers and (b) an eclectic second-line assortment of supply-chain superfreighters & captured pirate/Black Sun/Hutt cartel assets-after a couple years their access to original Imp resources/channels would be patchy at best.

          • Arvenski

            Yeah, that’s kinda what I was thinking. Non-standard paint schemes on ships, with lots of visible wear, tear, and sort-of-repaired battle damage in places. Troopers might have camouflaged armor, like the clones used to, and could be equipped with a motley assortment of gear and weapons. (A good touch would be if most troops weren’t using full helmets anymore. That would show that these people have come a long way from being Imperials, and would emphasize their humanity, since we could see their faces.) What I’m thinking of are the Rebel soldiers from Rogue One, but with a bit more of an Imperial look to them. And yeah, definitely a good amount of aliens and women (I know women in the Imperial military have been canon for ages, but we never see them in the films) throughout the ranks.

          • gorkmalork

            Now that you mention partial helmets: I’m starting to ponder what scout-biker headgear would look like with a Scarif beachtrooper dye job & detachable air filter.

        • Daniel w

          Avenski… it all depends on the mood of the propaganda. The first for ‘You can’t win, surrender now.’ the second for ‘See we’re really not so bad.’

          can you just imagine Vader visiting Palpy’s Youth Center? mwhahaha

  11. Anonymous

    You know at this point my predictions just going to be luck based so I’l just accept which ships or fighters going to get a 4K render instead of randomly guessing which is next.
    Also the engines glow orange this time huh so i guess the acceleration speed will be between red slowest and blue fastest right?

  12. Xeno

    absolutely gorgeous

    I’ll always be attached to this ship, thanks to it’s name, shape, and personal appeal, but *damn*, you are truly a magician, captain

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