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  1. Astro1derboy

    Ooooooo these are SO RICH!! Love to see the fresh renders! Simply incredible as always! 🙂

  2. gorkmalork

    Still the aesthetically niftiest shuttle in onscreen Imp service (even if the prequels’ deliciously chrome-tastic Naboo transports give it some marked competition). Extra props for the low-key running lights.

    • Valoren

      Totally agree. Whenever someone invoke the discrepancy in technology (which is really in exterior appearance) as a hit against the Prequel Trilogy, I just point to this little marvel, with its sleek, curved, white hull and blue-glowing thrusters.

      • gorkmalork

        I usually wind up pointing out Republic-to-Imperial capital ship design continuity when peeps cite the ‘Flash Gordon casing=moar advanced’ fallacy, but the Lambda’s not a bad example for small-transport scale.

  3. Anonymous

    Sweet good old imperial shuttle for high ranking officers now just imagine the Delta class escort shuttle with that detail!

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