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  1. Dale

    Out of curiosity, did Fantasy Flight buy the rights to this your iteration of this ship’s design? If not, it’s uncannily similar…

    • Fractalsponge

      No, they just used it. But since I used this design for my illustrations for the Guide to Warfare book, this was the last canon version available.

      • Dale

        Ah, gotcha. I guess it was part of the Disney IP, then. Kinda fucked up, still. Their modelers are pretty shoddy; it would’ve been nice to have a hand with more finesse (a.k.a. you) behind the zBrush.

    • gorkmalork

      On a stock XG1 those are probably heavy lasers, though I recall Fractal tinkering with an exclusively LTL-armed Starwing variant somewhere waaaay back in his thread on the stardestroyer.net board.

    • gorkmalork

      Escort shuttle’s turret might not fit back there, but I could see a pair of TIE-yield guns working out.

  2. Sapceman_28

    Is this closer to a starfighter or carrier?
    It looks like a carrier but looks like it could use more space if it was one.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh those are ion cannons huh I should have look it up on wookiepedia but it is neat to have them nonetheless.

    • Anonymous

      But now that I look at it from time to time I think those ion cannons shouldn’t be on top of the cockpit because when it fire it could hurt the pilot’s eyes or worst blind them so I would have put those ion cannons under the cockpit just to be safe.

  4. Anonymous

    So Fractal about those two laser cannons on top of the starwing cockpit is it the same caliber as the TIEs chin laser cannons or higher?

      • gorkmalork

        Speaking of gun distribution, I wonder how much the Starwing might benefit from a Lambda-style aft twin mount? Doesn’t seem like it would break the bank for power allocation on a strike bird this beefy.

        • Fractalsponge

          You’d need a gunner or at least a droid to control it. Human pilots can’t multitask like that. In terms of space and weight cost it might be ok…

          • gorkmalork

            True enough re: multitasking, hence my musings a while back about single-seaters with single-axis swivel guns. Starwing also seems broad enough to fit said extra station or two without undue cramping compared to Y-wings or TIE/sa (much less T-47s).

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