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  1. Could you please do the A New Hope/Rogue One Star Destroyer?

  2. Thank you so much for this. These are by far the best CGI shots of the Imperator II Star Destroyer from Star Wars that I have ever seen. And thank you for the 4k images, which will allow us to continue adoring these shots for many years to come.

    • Fractalsponge

      The plan is to make this model totally obsolete with a new iteration. Will happen in relatively short order, once I get my act together post render-binge.

      • gorkmalork

        You, sir, have an interesting definition of ‘obsolete’.

        • Steve Bannon

          We await the standard to-be-plagiarized ISD model 2.0 eagerly.

          • Anonymous

            So wait Fractal you are going to make a new Imperator model as in like showing other weapons instead of just only Octo heavy turbolasers, adding actual hangers and both ship hull sides being mirrored?

      • Hi

  3. Is there any chance you could do a rogue one/ANH accurate Imperial 1 Star Destroyer?

  4. Drink Apple Juice Because OJ Will Kill You

    Do you just make a 3-D model and just take multiple shots from multiple angles

  5. Sapceman_28

    Thanks a lot!
    I just finished downloading all the other Imperator Images and now I have to use these!
    Better go look for them now.

  6. So Fractal I know that this is not a Star Wars related question and you may not answer it because you don’t care about it or don’t have any knowledge of it but what do you think of the Battlestar ships designs like Galactica, Pegasus and Prometheus?

  7. Yes ! My favorite planet-wrecker of the bunch. Windows lighting is still the best way to evoke the scale of a ship.

    • For some reason, I always imagine local populations of backward planets under imperial control referring to those as god’s spears.

      • gorkmalork

        Can’t say I envy whomever got introduced to the wider galaxy by an Imp garrison deployment, but a few reactions along those lines seem likely.

  8. So I have found this version of the TIE Hunter: https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/002/567/810/large/michael-kasper-michaelkasper-tie.jpg?1463177870
    What do you guys think of this model?

    • Spaceman_28

      Looks silly

    • gorkmalork

      Not a huge fan of the actual Hunter design, so this version’s take on S-foils & wingtip guns is actually sorta neat…aside from the over-complicated bit where they swivel to deploy. Just fix ’em forward & give the thing an X1-style tail for extra systems juice.

  9. LazyReader

    what about Imperial I class

  10. Opponent Soup

    Loved the 4K pics of the ISD II.

    Could you next do the ISD I, please. I love that as well.

  11. gorkmalork

    Mercy, such engine bells & smoothly terrace lighting. Your update rate for these renders is flat-out blistering.

    • gorkmalork

      Arrgh, meant “smoothly-integrated terrace lighting”. That top shot truly underscores said enhancement.

  12. Amazing!!!!!!

  13. Ah the good old Imperator II we all know and love now all we need is a Imperator I to get a full set!

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