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    • Josh

      Not Fractal, but based on the appearance this seems to be more of a long range patrol ship. With the huge radar dish, and what appears to be a hangar. Whereas the Arquitens seems to be more of an escort ship/force multiplier.

      • Fractalsponge

        Escort, pursuit ship, sensor picket. Basically general (very) fast fleet utility ship.

        • Anonymous

          Are you talking about Velox or the Arquitens?
          But what is odd about the Arquitens is that when use by the empire it is now known as the command cruiser and is use as a communications ship, it’s length is 325 meters just 5 meters longer than the Velox and it’s armament only have 4 quad laser turrets and 1 tractor beam projector, it’s fighter complement is either a sentinel class landing barge, 2 TIE fighters, 2 TIE Bombers, 3 TIE Interceptor or 2 TIE Defenders.

          • gorkmalork

            Since we see an Imperial-mod Arquitens kill at least one CR90 during that Rebels ep with the B-wing prototype, I’d say those quad turrets are actually (medium?) turbolasers. Their fighter complements & general durability seem rather anemic, however-in the last ep I recall one taking palpable damage from a U-wing strafing run, then getting utterly wrecked by point-blank transmission tower demolition.

  1. Mark

    Glad you started lighting the drives and running lights for these. They look so much better with the added life to them!

  2. Jonathan C.

    Are the ion cannons 3 barreled? I’m unable to zoom quite enough lol. In your mind do gun emplacement with multiple barrels just enable faster fire rate, or do they fire simultaneously to improve output?

  3. cScott

    Fractal, if you were ever to do an adaptation of the Vengeance-class star dreadnought, would the overall shape/design/feel of the Velox-class be used as a sort of inspirational starting point for it at all? To me, the Velox-class does sorta have that narrow and sleek sword like look to it, that the Vengeance-class has going on, compared to the typical wedge shape look most Imperial class ships have. Granted the Vengeance is WAY longer than the Velox but whenever I imagine the Velox with the downward sloping armor on the dorsal frame that the Vengeance has overhanging it’s hull, I can really start to see the dreadnought

  4. Anonymous

    So guys in the second Last Jedi trailer apparently the First Order still have some AT-ATs (Which look kinda the same) and AT-STs (Those are different like weapon and view window) leftover along side their new walkers.

  5. Dan

    I would honestly love to see Fractalsponge make vessels such as a World Devastator or even the Suprosa from Shadows of the Empire, though I would say a Venator would do nicely compared to the other two.

  6. Steve Bannon

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Fractal, you ought to just call this the Carrack, just as you ought to call the Kontos a Strike.

    The difference between the awful Cracken Endurance sketch and your model is far greater than the difference between the “official” carrack and your Velox, and it does no favors to the community if the EA art direction team or worse yet an ILM artist googles the Carrack or Strike and proceeds to find a low-fidelity boxy sketch from the 90s instead of your own work. You’ve got to self-promote if you know you’ve got the superior product.

    • Fractalsponge

      I think the Carrack is probably redeemable, if I think hard enough. It’s tempting to make the Velox the Carrack, but right now seems a little too radical to me.

      • Steve Bannon

        Well, you redeemed the Dreadnaught and the Endurance, so if anyone’s up to fixing the Carrack, it’s probably you.

      • gorkmalork

        For my two creds, the most crucial tweaks for any Carrack update would be CR90/Lancer-scaled bridge windows and visible LTL/ion/quad-laser turrets, with a rudimentary shuttle/TIE deck coming in third. Moving its reactor(s?) a bit further forward from the engine block also seems like a wise if more structurally-disruptive move.

  7. Spaceman 28

    Do you think there could be a ship so large that instead of carrying star-fighters, it carried capital ships that themselves carried star-fighters? Or is it to large that it would be unpractical?

      • Spaceman 28

        For instance, what if instead of carrying TIE Fighters in its hangar, a Star Dreadnought carried A Venator or other smaller capital ship. While it would lose the total number of fighters it could carry into battle, it would bring another capital ship with it while ALSO carrying Star-Fighters. Like a Lucrehulk that carries Munificent or Providence-class ships instead of the overwhelming number of Vulture Droids.

        • Fractalsponge

          That’s a dumb concept. Unless the capital ships being carried are super short endurance for some strange reason. And we don’t really ever see that. Maybe Mandators pre-Clone Wars (by statute) – but I don’t really see any indication that SW capital ships are particularly short ranged. The “carrier” in such a setup would have to be enormous, and enormously vulnerable and slow to boot. It would work as a mobile base concept, but something like that jumping into combat is incredibly dumb.

          • Chris Bradshaw

            An Imperator or MC75 can lug around a light corvette like a CR90, which in turn can haul a few fighters, but I think that’s the extent to which you can stack carriers. The Death Star was also seen in Rogue One to have hangars capable of handling Imperators for service/repair/refueling, but there really isn’t any reason to launch destroyers in combat rather than having them jump in on their own.

          • gorkmalork

            I’ll admit to idly pondering how many damaged or repairs-overdue Impstars you could squeeze into an Executor’s ventral cutout, but making that regular practice would be most unwise. Sadly, this also reminds me of an SDN thread debating whether (retro)fitting a dreadnought with grav-wells would be riskier than simply perma-docking a 418.

          • Spaceman 28

            Or you could just permanently dock a Venator or two with said Dreadnought and you don’t have to lose any fighters.

          • Fractalsponge

            If you permanently dock a ship then what’s the point of having the ship? You can fit much more fighters in the same volume because you wouldn’t need all the structural support mass of the smaller ship just build up some hangars on the bigger ship.

  8. Jackalope

    Are many of the smaller weapons automated, then you could have a much smaller crew just to operate the only the system and the larger weapons.

  9. Valoren

    Fractal, what do you think is the average acceleration of ships in Star Wars ?
    I ask that because I recently rewatched ANH and I noticed something. After it jumped out of hyperspace in the orbit of what should have been Alderaan (say 10.000 km from its surface, as usual), the Falcon chased the lone TIE fighter to within a few hundred km of death star, who was at 75.000 km from the planet, in a 35 seconds uninterrupted scene.
    So, the Falcon and the fighter it was following made around 65.000 km in 35 s, which equate to a constant acceleration of at least 10.000 g. And it’s fairly generous since the Falcon could have actually jumped out on the other side of Alderaan, adding at best 30.000 km.
    And, except error on my part, an ISD can keep up with the Falcon, at least in linear acceleration.

    • Fractalsponge

      I think a moderate estimate of average for a ship (vs a fighter) is on the order of 2000-2500g. There are some bits of much higher, like Dooku’s skiff blasting out from Geonosis atmosphere for instance, but the solid published numbers are on the order of 2000-3000g for warships, high 3000-6000g for fighters. Most ships are obviously going to be slow civilian anyway.

  10. gorkmalork

    A few awkward angles, but overall this thing’s still both streamlined & very sharply-armed for something barely outbulking large corvettes.

    • gorkmalork

      As point-defense systems go, lasers & LTL seem rather more versatile (or at least longer-ranged) than “spray junk in the missile volley’s general direction,” though perhaps said measure could be handy for ships with limited arcs/space for PD mounts (the CR90 leaps to mind).

    • Arvenski

      I hate how a lot of those New Class designs are depicted in those drawings, the ones that Wookieepedia says are from the RPG sourcebook Cracken’s Threat Dossier. Visually, most of them look terrible.

      • Johnny Rotten

        Personally, I ignore RPG stuff that does not follow what is established in higher levels of EU canon. A novel’s description of a ship > a crappy picture from a sourcebook.

        • keb

          Cracken’s Threat Dossier pretty much caused me to adopt the same policy (yes, I actually bought it back in the day). There are several places, especially in the Corellian Trilogy section, where it’s painfully obvious that the authors didn’t bother to read the original novels. Meanwhile the artists seemed to be deliberately trying to make every ship look as stupid as possible. Fractal’s redo of the Endurance and Nebula-class ships was a badly-needed upgrade.

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