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    • Xenospartan653

      it does look like it. Probably a pack of PD concussion missiles – they look too small to be antiship.

    • Anonymous

      On the Imperator-Class, there are new sources, most notably SWBF2 Campaign that pinpoint where the Point-Defence TL’s are located. (hint hint)

        • gorkmalork

          All this nu-BF2 bullroar just makes me flashback wistfully to the X-Brick original, self-repairing bombers with bottomless payloads & all.

          • Todd

            Haha, I always figured you had mynocks winging fresh payload modules midfight

          • gorkmalork

            Cloaked space-parasite supply/repair crews make sense enough for me. Just wish they also ‘serviced’ the fighters & interceptors-those damn snubs & line TIEs went splat if you looked at ’em funny. Film-accurate if you’re not a main character, to be sure…

  1. Jonathan C.

    Interesting. I see 3 different types of “ball” mounts here. Large single, triple, and smaller quads. Are the barrels of the triple indicitive of ion cannons I wonder? or maybe all the ball mounts are ion cannons?

    If they are not ion cannons, but instead Turbolasers, how do they compare to those triple 175 teraton turrets here and on the Procursator. I always wondered at how the octuple turrets can seem so much smaller but would be implied to output more (like 240-320 teratons each).

    • Fractalsponge

      quad 175TT HTL in flank turrets, quad 175 TT HTL in ball, triple 175TT ion in ball, single 720TT in axial ball turrets

      • Grand Admiral Declann

        So I was wondering Fractal, would you say the that a 10 Yottawatt estimate would be right for the reactor power output? Just out of curiosity, how much wattage would it take to fire a single bolt from a 175TT HTL?

  2. gorkmalork

    I’ll confess to finding this brute’s reactor dome somewhat jarring from a few angles, but the expanded yet streamlined dorsal superstructure & staggered ‘broadside’ turret strips are quite neat. Plus, gotta love those ball turrets. I take it the hangar’s just big enough for a fistful of Lambdas?

    • Sephiroth0812

      Honestly I was just wondering where this baby even has its hangar?

      Looks more like it needs a fighter screen provided from elsewhere like i.e. an accompanying Ton-Falk Escort Carrier or a Venator.
      Or maybe just give it a few Raider-Corvettes as protection against dedicated bomber squadrons? Normal fighters probably can’t scratch it anyways if it hasn’t already sustained damage from enemy capitals.

      • Fractalsponge

        There’s an armored hatch on the ventral side. It wouldn’t normally have fighters, since it’s designed for squadron operations where there would be a dedicated carrier. And yes, a fighter strike would have to be very large to kill a ship this size to begin with.

  3. PhantomFury

    Always love the Alliegence-class. Something about the fact that it’s so similar to the classic ISD yet has its own role in the battlefield. This affection is hard to describe.

    • Xeno

      Completely different ships. Allegiance is 2.2 km long, and is a glorified ISD. Compellor is a 4.X km Star Cruiser, probably at least twice as long, and multiple times the mass.

      Maybe 2-3 Allegiances could take on a Compellor evenly.

      • Fractalsponge

        The Allegiance has the same firepower as the carrier, which tells you how much of the Allegiance is reactor; it’s really a stripped down star cruiser more than an enlarged star destroyer.

        • Anonymous

          Ah so 1 Allegiance will get overwhelm by the Compellor’s mass 40 TT HTLs then? Although the Compellor will be quite heavily damaged by the Allegiance’s more powerful HTLs.

          • Fractalsponge

            Same firepower means both ships would be at equal risk of destruction or serious damage. Actually I think the Allegiance will win, since it’s much more solidly constructed.

          • gorkmalork

            Overall this strikes me as one of those ‘close enough for surprise/crew quality/lucky first salvo to decide’ matchups. Don’t suppose Compellor’s small-craft contingent would help much unless (a) they were prepped for heavy strike and (b) decisive damage had already accrued? I do have to roll my eyes at SDN posters figuring a Resurgent’s fighter wings would handily give it the edge on Allegiance, since those nu-trilogy carrier-cruisers seem to be rather more structurally-compromised throughout the bow.

  4. Anonymous

    Fractal I just notice that some of the quad medium turbolasers in the ship trenchs are on the side instead of upside like on the Dreadnaught frigate which is interesting but I wonder why though like better arcs or something?

  5. Arvenski

    It’s great to see this ship getting updates, I’ve always liked it. I hope it can be made canon again.

  6. Anonymous

    Venator Maybe? or another Clone Wars Era Star Destroyer?
    Ever going to make one of those?

    • Soren

      The Victory and the Imperator were present during the clones wars, so technically, he already has.

    • Sephiroth0812

      As far as I know Fractal already stated he’ll make the Venator SD eventually and I am certainly looking forward to that one as it is my favorite ship design-wise.

      As for Clone Wars-era stuff, the Victory I-class, Imperator/Imperial I-class Star Destroyer and the Legator-Battleship are technically ships originating in the Clone Wars.
      Fractal just didn’t present them in Republic colors (and in all honesty Imperial coloration is easier and faster to portray than the more sophisticated red-white stuff of the Republic).

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