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  1. AngerCrusader39

    Could you put a Standard Imperial-II next to it to give us a size reference?

  2. Sephiroth0812

    The Imperial answer to the CIS-Lucrehulk in terms of carrying capacity I guess?

    • gorkmalork

      Pretty much, though I dunno if the two ever actually met/engaged. Impellor’s probably faster & better-armed to boot, though don’t ask me the exact small-craft count for either.

      • Sephiroth0812

        They’re two different generations yet I think the Corporate Sector fielded some old Lucrehulks and the Rebel Alliance also got their hands on a few at least in Legends (dunno about Disney canon).
        There are three different variants of the Lucrehulk, the lighter armed pre-Clone Wars variant, the Droid Controlship-variant and the “Battleship”-variant from the mid- to late-Clone Wars, but all of them can carry 1500 fighters meaning 125 squadrons.

        According to Legends-sources the “Battleship”-variant of the Lucrehulk needed at least three Venators to be sufficiently brought down so if the Impellor can easily handle three Venators it comes out ahead even on a battleship Lucrehulk.

        Fighter complement-wise it seems the Impellor vastly outclasses the Lucrehulk.

        • gorkmalork

          Stats & general confirmation appreciated. Impellor seems like enough ship to handle a Venator trio or single L-hulk barring extreme luck/surprise/crew-quality discrepancy. Wouldn’t be surprised if ex-CIS ships comprised a fair chunk of the Alliance’s very earliest assets until the better-armed member states managed to ramp up production, covert distribution, etc.

  3. Fanfic Maker

    Nice, finally a dedicated carrier who has some serious capacity and doesn’t stick to one hangar bay. If I see this right the thing has most of it’s internal space turned into bunch of hangar decks, at least four or five separate decks if those don’t open just into the same empty area.

  4. gorkmalork

    Interesting how far back the spinal superstructure protrudes over that fantail-extra aft defensive coverage? Speaking of which, those little ventral-flank hangars seem tailor-made for spitting out eyeballs & squints.

    • Anonymous

      For fighters 24 wings=4 groups (1728 fighters altogether) not sure about bombers though probably about the same.

    • RedBird

      From one of professor Fractal’s posts…

      “There was some discussion about this way back in the thread when the carrier first appeared. By volume scaling from Venators the possible complement pretty huge. I thought 24 fighter wings, 1 Corps ground contingent (with heavy armor) would be a conservative estimate. Nix most of the troops for fleet work, and it’ll go up to 36+ fighter wings.”


  5. Ragnrok

    god i love these 2 sister designs – just brilliant designs. not like that rubbish disney’s come up with

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