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  1. James

    I love everything about it apart from one thing. The fact that it only seems to have ion cannons. I think as well as ion cannons it should have a few turbolasers. The similarly sized Arquitens class light cruiser seems to have a few so perhaps you should put a few on this ship as well. Also, is there a point defence laser cannon system on this? This comment may not sound very positive, I adore all of your work my favourite ship in the Star Wars universe is the Assertor class star dreadnought with the superlazer on it. Thanks.

    • Bob

      It has quad turbo lasers in the ball turrets, and a number of lighter turbo lasers.

  2. Hecatomb

    This ship has a very cool, mini-destroyer look, but appears somewhat under-armed. I’m not sure I understand what role this vessel plays.

    • Fractalsponge

      It’s a pursuit ship – running down corvettes, blockade runners, and light frigates. Also can be used as a very fast fleet scout. Good shields, but most of the power used for engines rather than weapons.

  3. Hecatomb

    Is this thing fast enough to run down CR90s? Also, how big is it? I can’t find a frame of reference to estimate the length.

    • Fractalsponge

      It’s starfighter fast. Most non Avenger/Defender types would not be able to outpace it. The length is 618m. Most of the itnerior is machinery.

      • Hecatomb

        That’s much bigger than I’d expected! I would have guessed Carrack size.

          • Anonymous

            As far as sublight speeds go, according to the SW Wiki, an X-Wing has a top sublight speed of 100 MGLT, the TIE Interceptor has a speed of 111 MGLT, and the A-Wing has a speed of 120 MGLT. Seeing as FractalSponge mentions the TIE Advanced/Avenger and Defender I’ll add those too. The TIE Defender has a top speed of 144 MGLT in standard operations, and 180 MGLT with every ounce of power dumped into the engines. The TIE Advanced/Avenger has a listed top speed of 133 MGLT. So This thing must have a top speed of something like 185 MGLT at the minimum.

  4. Brad Knowles

    Nice quad Ion cannons!

    On that third picture from the top, the one that is a 3/4 port/dorsal view, are you missing a pair of light turbolasers on the starboard side? Or are they just hidden because of the view?

    • gorkmalork

      Huh, good eye-the starboard light pair are visible in other shots, and seem like they’d be visible from that angle. Though honestly, if I rendered starships at this detail level (or at all) we’d have missing sensor dishes, main guns & command modules for days.

  5. gorkmalork

    There’s just something about a solid all-engines-and-sensors design; this puppy looks tailor-made to flush out elusive targets or scout for harder ones. Mix up a half-dozen with an equivalent number of Kontos-class and you’d have a decent mini-wolfpack.

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