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  1. Nice quad Ion cannons!

    On that third picture from the top, the one that is a 3/4 port/dorsal view, are you missing a pair of light turbolasers on the starboard side? Or are they just hidden because of the view?

    • gorkmalork

      Huh, good eye-the starboard light pair are visible in other shots, and seem like they’d be visible from that angle. Though honestly, if I rendered starships at this detail level (or at all) we’d have missing sensor dishes, main guns & command modules for days.

  2. gorkmalork

    There’s just something about a solid all-engines-and-sensors design; this puppy looks tailor-made to flush out elusive targets or scout for harder ones. Mix up a half-dozen with an equivalent number of Kontos-class and you’d have a decent mini-wolfpack.

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