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  1. Jonathan

    I don’t get the design of this ship. I know it is based of the Millennium Falcon but that dip in the front is made for containers and if you had the cockpit in the dip you wouldn’t be able to see. That is why the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon is on the side and if it weren’t for containers what is that dip for.

  2. Henry Gravina

    i just realized that since this is based off of the millennium falcon, this is the starwars equivalent of an armored and Weaponized DeLorian

  3. PCHeintz72

    Absolutely fantastic design, about the best I’ve seen in this size range… if the Empire really had these I could see it giving the Falcon a very hard time indeed. I could also see Han eventually wanting to get his hands on one.

    My only very minor issue with the actual design is the lack of symmetry in regards to the upper front starboard gun unit having no equivalent on the port side.

  4. Hecatomb

    Once again, an amazing creation! This looks like something that could be used by the Imperial equivalent of a special forces squad.

  5. Rick

    the ship is well designed, just wonder if you’re going to plant the divisions inside the ship???

    • Fractalsponge

      I didn’t have any plans to model an interior. But the idea is that there would be corridors in the mandibles with service room for the flank turrets and warhead launchers. Probably bunks and cargo there as well, port side. Starboard side largely taken up by equipment (esp small sensor dome). Central section would have 2 decks – forward end top part cockpit and control areas, bottom access area and cargo. Rest of lower deck part engine room/engineering, part cargo. Rest of upper deck accommodation, rest engine section.

  6. Ryan

    Hi, great work. Just a question, were about’s would the cockpit/bridge of the vessel be

  7. Xorial

    This ship is like somebody just said, “What if the Millennium Falcon was an honest to God warship?”

    • Anonymous

      Speaking of the Millennium Falcon Fractal what do you think of it?

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