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OK< I get asked this question a fair bit, so I think it’s time to lay out my policies on commissions on this site.

  1. Yes, I do take commissions.
  2. I do custom or established or reinterpreted designs. Ships, vehicles, droids/mechs, buildings, stations, machinery, etc. I do not do character, creature, or environment pieces.
  3. My commissions are $40/hr.
  4. A full ship can easily run from 30-100 hours of work.
  5. I “bill” in chunks of time. I will iterate designs and take art direction, but it will figure into the final cost of the piece.
  6. My rate is CHEAP rate for the quality of output.
  7. I will not guarantee rush output. This is a hobby, and I have a job and family that take absolute precedence over 3D.
  8. I will only take projects that are interesting. I do not run a design studio for hire to the highest bidder.

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If I got a commission would I get the actual 3-D model of it?


do you sell these 3d models?


So Fractal as I understand you only do machinery and will not do organic beings but what about cyborgs?


Oh wow. At first I was like $40 per hour! That’s expensive!
Then I remembered the model quality and realized it wasn’t so bad.
And then I realized that $40 is £29.53, which is a lot less than I imagined.
Good work dude! If I ever get my broke Uni Student ass enough money I might commission something 🙂

Also, is it true that some of your vessels (like the Star Frigate) have become canon vessels in the SW universe? I heard somewhere that some were. Honestly it’d be a shame if such amazing ships weren’t part of the ‘verse.


If memory serves me true, the Assertor and Bellator were original designs. Both were made canon in legends continuity. There are certainly a few others


FWIW, I’ve seen Praetor & a pointedly nerfed Assertor name & stat-dropped for recent Fantasy Flight Games RPG books, but apparently the Disneyboot curators are treating that company’s merch as grandfathered Legends (and thus nonexistent so far as their official ‘verse is concerned).

Eric Otness
I’ll pay whatever needs to be paid for the bill if I request a commission. The only thing I ask is how I do the wire transfer to you (I genuinely have no idea how to wire-transfer payment to anyone for tasks, and I assume the payment is going to be made via wire transfer). As far as any potential commissions I might have, I really only have one particular commission in mind: Namely, a TIE fighter version, or at the very least an Imperial/Star Wars version of this VTOL fighter piloted by General Blue from Dragon Ball: You… Read more »

I had a feeling your rates were reasonable but a couple zeroes beyond my current reach. Hope my past comment-chain musings WRT ship retrofits weren’t tripping your ‘pester with half-baked ideas for free content’ alarm.


Same here. I’ve often wandered what the rates were but the nagging suspicion that it was more than I could afford always kept me from asking.


At least we get to gawk at phenomenal concept-rendering & the development process thereof. If not for this page’s contents I dunno how much Star Wars would’ve stuck in my frontal lobe.


Dude. $30/hobby hour is not cheap, it’s outrageously cheap!


Yeah, I know you’re keeping it as a hobby. But even for it being a hobby, its still a very valuable skill you’re selling. You really should think about charging more.


What about general suggestions? I’d love to see a “small” (Victory II/Venator-sized) Star Destroyer that’s built around a spinal mass driver, as opposed to turbolaser batteries.