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10 Comments on "Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttle"

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Captain Cosmas

Amazing work!
I’d Love to see a 1/270 scale model of this on a 3d print-to-order marketplace.
It’d also make a fantastic long-term Pepakura paper-model project for some of us hobbyists!


Love this shuttle but i’m not sure about the escort part from the look of it’s laser cannons it more like a heavy or assault.

Little Grasshopper

Consider it’s role rather than its weapons profile; it’s something mean enough to give pirates pause, has the legs to follow freighters around, and isn’t a proper vessel that could be elsewhere doing things other than escorting shipping.

Stephan Schumann

As I am still amazed by your brilliant 3-D Design of the Delta-class JV-7 Escort-Shuttle,
I finally built an similar Version in Lego Bricks ( with full interiour). I was greatly inspired by your work, but also made an crossover, including previous designes ( out of the official computer-games).
May i am allowed, to put an Link to my Project on Lego-Ideas, here ( if one may be curious)?


Seconding the above comment-this beastie denotes your serious knack for translating & refining EU creations whose PC sources at the time were a touch precision-limited. I take it that light turbo turret’s intended to wreck shuttle/YT freighter-scale pursuers?

Stephan Schumann
Very inspiring Version of this shuttle-type! The overall-look is very likely and coherent. The details and features are welldone, they fit perfect. Most I like the striped support-struts under the cockpit, the fourleg landinggear, and the wings, as the wing-canon -design! The rear firing arc is most serious demensionized, as it is an real turbo-laser. I am working on an Plastic (lego) model of the JV7 myself, but have not much time, as other projects are more urgent; so i am in no hurry, and could develope it step by step, as you had done in your wips. Finaly, i… Read more »