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3 Comments on "Kandosii-class Dreadnought WIP#2"

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This seems like it has great broadside potential,
but it looks very vulnerable from the rear.
Those bottom rear unfinished fins, if you leveled off
the tips they’d make great platforms for more turrets.

Anditesh Ordo

Could put some turbo lasers on that rear ramp of the body, like anywhere from 3-5. Then the rear would be defended well, lol. However Idk if that would work on the actual real ship(if it was real) if the ship would have the power to sustain 3-5 more lasers on the rear of the ship. If it could, then that would be such a better defense.

Anditesh Ordo

Even though the engine wings would be a few great places for a few extra lasers as well, have them be rotating to defend the side, rear and front.