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  1. Wolf

    Magnificent – FAR better than the drawings in the old rep source book. This kind of tactically viable cross section is far too rare – your doing a brilliant job sir, please don’t stop!

  2. gorkmalork

    Ooh, ventral shots with a look at this thing’s fairly well-placed launch bays. As for said questions: (1) yep, Mando Wars era; (2) roughly 1.36 km; and (3) since most of this thing’s appearances were in Dark Horse Comics’ KOTOR run, that would make it a Legends (aka *formerly* official) tidbit until/unless a newer creative team incorporates it somewhere.

  3. mr.oneshot

    I have three questons: 1.What era is this? I mean, I guess it’s like Mandalorian wars or something, but I’m not sure…
    2.What’s the actual size of the thing? The class ‘dreadnought’ changed in size limits with time
    3.Is this Canon?

    Nice work, as always!

    • Zellnotronus

      1: Correct! This ship is from the Mandalorian Wars, because it was used by the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Comic series.
      2: According to my research, this ship is 1,360 meters long. Quite similar to an Imperial-class in size.
      3: No, this ship is too cool to be canon.

  4. Kaul of Keldabe

    Just think. These vessels were once the scourge of the galaxy! A design that influenced capital building for millennia!

  5. Wake

    Doesn’t look like it has any forward firing guns, which is odd since the X-Shaped layout in the back easily lends itself to guns that can fire in plenty of directions.

    • Anonymous

      I see three forward-firing turrets (not to mention the entire array of missile launchers).

  6. gorkmalork

    Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the Projecting Arsenal Beard(R) as seen on this brute & those Scythe-class ‘cruisers’ from the Legacy comics, but at least it makes passable sense to pack most of your volatile capital-grade missiles onto an extrusion that won’t gut the whole ship if an unlucky hit cooks ’em off. Plus, that X-shaped engine layout lends the Kandosii a rather more interesting frontal profile than most Rebellion-era ships of similar layout (including, well, WEG’s Dreadnaughts).

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