Biped Walker WIP#1

I know that mecha are inefficient things.┬áMass, speed, size all against them. There’s an explanation for them in SW, but damn it they look cool so here’s another one. I originally built the AT-SE off the idea of an AT-ST with an AT-AT head, but I didn’t really know what I was doing back then so it came out to be enormous. Taller than an AT-AT, but at least in storage state smaller in volume. Requires different dropships, so the AT-SE is really a Corps-level asset, not so much Division/Legion/Battlegroup like the AT-AT. I’ve been meaning to get a medium walker, in between AT-AT and AT-ST but combat oriented, and right at the edge of plausible high agility for a walker. This works out to be ~15m tall.

biped8 biped9 biped10 biped1 biped2 biped3 biped4 biped5 biped6 biped7

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5 years ago

aweson work more walker imperial