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  1. PhantomFury

    Huh, the fact the wings fold back like that is unique, I would have thought it would be something akin to the X-wing.

  2. Soren

    Fractal, do you think that it would’ve made more sense to use this TIE model as the Inquisitor’s TIEs in Rebels rather than the TIE Advanced V1? They are practically the exact same ship after all.

    • gorkmalork

      The Inquisitor TIEs seem to be bare-bones interceptors, as befits their whole ‘slightly budgeted X1 sibling’ aesthetic. As I understand it, the Hunter’s also expected to disable small craft (ions) or conduct limited anti-ship/vehicle action (missiles).

  3. Dredd Dobbs

    First time caller and new listener. You stuff is amazing Fractalsponge. I even love to geek out on the comment sections.

  4. Anonymous

    Huh Fractal I just notice that this fighter have 4 ion engines but yet only two behind the cockpit are active and not the other two behind the ion cannons so why is that?

  5. Taghmata Omnissiah

    I see the problem with using standardized TIE rack for this model. The folding wings block the upper sphere, there is no place for hooks to grab the fighter hull. So it would use the non standard system or it will land on the deck if lower wings are reinforced enough for such type of landing.

    • Dredd Dobbs

      It could probably dock with wings deployed. Doesn’t look bigger than an Advanced or Intercepter.

      • Taghmata Omnissiah

        It would make the folded wing system unnecessary. I presume as in most cases such system is for minimizing the space occupied in hangar by fighter. It do make sense as for almost one standard TIE upright you would fit two Hunters in the same space. It can be used on ships and installations with more limited space that would have specific rear hooks system or even maybe some type of Cobra Bay?

        • Dredd Dobbs

          Folding wings is supposed to make it faster, somwhow. Just like locking s-foils on X-wings.

          • Fractalsponge

            I refuse to believe that 🙂 That’s on par with painting it red.

          • gorkmalork

            I was under the impression S-foils opened for extra heat dissipation, which the T-65 & B-wing need due to their plus-sized wingtip cannons (though whether said barrel size improves punch, range or both I couldn’t say). Hence ‘to attack position’.

          • Anonymous

            So Fractal why do you refuse to believe that folding wings make the X-wing and TIE Hunter go faster is it because it make no scene?

    • Soren

      If I remember right, the Hunter does land, since it’s whole point of existing is to be as the name implies, a hunter. Not needing a Star Destroyer or any other ship to ferry it around. So it should go without saying that a ship like that is capable of landing.

      • Taghmata Omnissiah

        It did? My memory is not that great and I only have very limited experience with a game but I do not remember any scene with them on ground.

  6. gorkmalork

    The lack of wingtip lasers still strikes me as a grievous waste of pointy portions, and those deployed S-foils seem damn spindly at the base, but this render quality manages to make it look good from a fair handful of angles.

    • Fractalsponge

      The panel pivots are spindly because there’s no firepower to support on the tips – it’s all radiator connections. Extra lasers on the tips would also mean this thing is going awfully close to Avenger, and I think it’s more of a cheaper multirole fighter than bleeding edge Avenger/Defender territory.

      • gorkmalork

        I dunno-vaguely similar armament but skimping on thrust for budget’s sake still strikes me as fitting for that job description. But perhaps that’s just me rationalizing aesthetic prefer-ah, wondering whether those hub ions are non-negotiable & pull enough juice to rule out, say, wingtip autoblasters.

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