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  1. The regular Customs Corvette is seen with landing legs. Does the Military Variant have them as well?

  2. Main weaponry is the same as in the Light Customs Corvette? If so, it may be too light to face a full military corvette with capital-type turbolasers, even with fighter support. She would still be a great escort ship.
    How many TIEs inside? A full squadron? Has she got tractor beams to handle them?

    • Fractalsponge

      Should have space for 3-4 squadrons. At this size ship the fighters are more dangerous than most of the ship guns.

      • Wait what 3-4 SQUADRONS? Even on a 180m ship with that much of it devoted to hangar space that seems like quite a lot. Even a full 12 fighter squadron is somewhat pushing it on maintenance space given that a 500m Gladiator only gets 2 squadrons and a handful of shuttles and it looks to have roughly the same % of it devoted to hangar space.

        • Fractalsponge

          You know the TIE requires an ~7m cube right? 48 of them (6x8x1) would fit in a 42m x 56m x 7m box in a single layer. Star Wars ships are big, so big that apparently people that write numbers can’t do math. Like the old Executor having 144 fighters thing.

          The limit for fighters I think is really due to how many ground vehicles are carried, especially AT-ATs, because the volume requirements for that are huge. You can see the transition – a smaller Venator carries relatively small AT-TEs but hundreds of fighters, but a larger ISD trades most of the fighters to carry 40 AT-ATs (plus the dropships for the AT-ATs). A pure fighter carrier configuration for an ISD would be easily 300+ fighters like a Venator.

          • Maybe I’m just having a hard time visualizing it, have you made a variant with the hatches open like your Vigil-Class? That would probably help a great deal.

  3. gorkmalork

    Speedy-looking nipper even with that TIE hangar slapped between those mandibles. Got a feeling this sucker would have even less trouble catching CR90s than your average Impstar.

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