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  1. Grand Admiral Declann

    Does anybody kow how many Shield Generators are on the Bellator Class? I see 4 domes, and if I recall correctly, those are Primary Shield Generators, but I can only see 2 other Shield Generators… Are those starburst-style panels shield emitters as well?

  2. Grand Admiral Declann

    I have to be honest, I LOVE Ansel Hsiao’s work! It is the BEST quality that I have ever seen! Then there is this ship, which I have loved ever since I had first seen it. If I could own ANY Star Wars vessel, it would be the Bellator, or the Assertor.

  3. gorkmalork

    Honestly, the older thruster-trail pics seem fairly ANH-effects evocative; these updates are just a skosh more current-cinematic.

  4. Anonymous

    So about the missile bays can they both concussion missiles and proton torpedoes at the same time?

    • gorkmalork

      I’d be amazed if the launcher space couldn’t be retooled for either warhead type or both. I get the impression CM are more efficient for picking off agile craft while torps have more warship-killing yield, but that may just be a rule of thumb for fighter/light freighter-scale antics.

  5. mr.oneshot

    The frontal view has been my deskop wallpaper long before I had ever heard of this website. I honestly thought it was a white-painted resurgent :)) I’m so silly…

  6. Hosting

    In the book’s endnotes, Jason gave several facts about the class as well as others done by Hsiao, which is now canon information. He also gave two accounts; in-universe and out-of-universe on the method behind the design of the

  7. Sean

    How many guns are on this beast? I’m having trouble counting them all =P

    On another note, can you do the Mandator III?

    • Gurran8055

      From what I know, the Bellator-class had significantly less weaponry than a Mandator-II or Mandator-III, but was a lot more agile. It was also about 5000 metres shorter than the Mandator-III.

  8. kardar233

    Many things about this design (extreme back-weighting of the command superstructure, large dorsal housing in front, long point) immediately make me think of the Nelson-class ships, and if this were a battleship rather than a battlecruiser I’d be tempted to draw a direct relationship. Looks excellent.

  9. gorkmalork

    Now *this* is one absurdly slick blend of tapering grace & brute force; easily my favorite non-film capital vessel. Clever hangar layout, some notable protection for the main engine bank…I’d have moved one or both reactors a touch further away from said flight decks, but that’s about it.

    • Tom Freeman

      I second your vote, sir. Fractal has done all kinds of great ships, but the Bellator is an easy favorite for me as well. Just beautiful.

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