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  1. DarthEnderX

    So amazing. Please do the TIE Aggressor and TIE Oppressor at some point.

  2. Stephan

    Great Angles! Coherent Overall Look! The Missile-and-Engine boxes are known from the Starwing-Gunship, nevertheless nicely detailed. I am convinced the Stormtroopers will have an save landing-trip, with 4 guns, foreward ( Are the small 2 x2 rifles, actually targeting-sensors, or blasters?).
    ( Shall the round patterns dorsal, and at the bottom are emergengy-hatches?)

    I clearly like multi-functional crafts, wich fullfill different duties, at the same time.
    Welldone, balanced Job on the Transport; Details, and clean areas are looking very likely, together!

    • Fractalsponge

      The small guns are lasers. The top and bottom round hatches are docking connectors. The side hatches are either just hatches or cover similar connectors depending on configuration.

  3. Thom

    Looks much more aggressive than it did in the TIE Fighter game 😀

      • gorkmalork

        Mounting your transport’s thrusty & splody bits in such close proximity seems a tad hazardous, though perhaps missiles are safetied ’till the split second during launch. This brute still seems like a rather more self-sufficient landing craft than Ep 7’s stormie buses with their single rinky-dink dorsal turrets.

        • Millenniumf

          You’re talking about an organization that considers the ultimate in starfighter technology a flying engine with guns that explodes if you so much as sneeze near it…

          • gorkmalork

            If you’ve ever taken a few extra seconds to squint at the movies, alphabet-wing Rebel birds not being flown by Main Characters(R) don’t have an exponentially better survival rate. And hey, just ’cause the stock TIE fighter might not have been an optimal exercise in budget/durability ratio doesn’t render every single Imperial light craft lowest-bidder tinfoil.

          • Fractalsponge

            Exactly. TIEs one-shot (well, one burst) X-Wings fairly reliably in ANH. The difference in relative durability isn’t all that bad if it means you can field 2-3 for every one XW. The main disadvantage is mobility (no hyperdrive), but there are plenty of variants that can, and eat X-W for breakfast. It’s probably a doctrinal choice, assuming that starfighters are fragile enough that a small additional percentage passive survival chance from shielding isn’t worth the payment in maneuverability or numbers, rather than a race to the lowest bidder.

          • gorkmalork

            So you figure TIEs like the Avenger/Scimitar/Defender (or retrofitted eyeballs & squints, ala some EU/Legends novels) were hampered on the way to mass production by institutional bias, not lack of credits per se? Makes sense to me. As for the snubfighter resilience brainbug: having YouTubed the space-battle portion of ROTJ on a whim & noted a fairly even Imp/Rebel kill ratio (at fighter scale, anyhow…), I’m thinking Wedge was damned fortunate to wind up in front of the tough-as-nails Falcon during that run into DS2’s superstructure.

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