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  1. Maphisto86

    I assume this sleek design has a rudimentary hyperdrive? Nice idea for an interstellar probe ship to ply the hyperlanes of the galaxy. It looks sleek and menacing without too many greebles like other droid designs.

  2. @Taghmata Omnissiah

    This probe vessel isn’t meant to be involved in combat operations. Considering it’s purpose, I’d expect it to have the most sensitive sensor suite and EW abilities in the Imperial Navy; not weapons. It likely has a self destruct mechanism however, with fail safes (something that can’t be stopped by an ion cannon).

  3. gorkmalork

    This sucker sports some interesting tri-lateral symmetry to complement the wings & sensor arpertures.

  4. Its a Probe not a Starfighter

    • Taghmata Omnissiah

      Viper probe droid was also a probe… but it was armed.

      • Fractalsponge

        By act of plot, and because it doesn’t move very fast and is on the surface. This is designed to move rapidly from system to system, or to stay silent and observe. Much in the same way reconnaissance aircraft are unarmed in the real world – it’s got much better things to do than fight, and much better things to do with the weight than carry guns it shouldn’t ever be using.

        • Taghmata Omnissiah

          Understand, but it do have the same “no capture” protocol and can auto-destruct in case of imminent danger?

  5. Taghmata Omnissiah

    It’s absolutely unarmed?

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