TIE Mangler WIP#1

A very large zerstoerer TIE. Two light turbolasers as primary armament. It’s big and thus heavy, but enormously energetic to feed the turbolasers, so probably a little under Avenger performance. The name is a SWTOR reference, because I loved flying the Mangler and this is a similar concept. I was originally going to make this a StarWing chassis (like the Mangler’s design ancestry), but I felt like a TIE series would be more thematically appropriate.

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  1. Harold Okafor-Withers

    Loving the detailing on this thing. Who doesn’t love a real big gun?

  2. darkelf2x1

    Will you be adding a rear tail gun & gunner position (Bf110) or are you going for something more like the Me410?

    • Fractalsponge

      Won’t be a turret – will be a single pilot craft. Closest WW2 analogue…hm, maybe Me-262 with Bordkanone 7.5cm?

      • gorkmalork

        Just as well recoil seems to be far less of an issue for SW craft in working order. Those radiator(?) grilles seem only proper for that much zap on so compact a platform. As for fighter/strikecraft turrets, I find myself pondering whether those wound up being any more helpful for Y-wings or ARC-170s than was the case for birds like the Fairey Battle. Sure, you can apparently pick off tail-chasing missiles ala Ep 7, but zapping fighters before they nail you seems 50/50 for anything lighter-shielded than a shuttle/gunboat. Incidentally, would those smaller barrels be fighter-caliber guns or Interceptor hub-style targeting sensors?

        • Fractalsponge

          The problem with turrets and extreme swivel guns I think is more a human limitation for the 1-man fighters. Unless they’re droid controlled, a single pilot can’t shoot behind and still focus on maneuvers. ARC-170 guns are fine, but the whole platform traded a lot of acceleration. That may or may not have been due to the crew members (after all, a pilot is a lot smaller a contribution to SW craft total weight than say, a WW2 fighter).

          Yep, the radiators are meant to be huge, since they have to deal with LTL dissipation. The smaller barrels shown now are all interceptor hub-style targeters. The main in-close armament will be clustered around the cockpit. I’m thinking 3 modular mounts, each single laser or light ion plus maybe a light autoblaster. The LTL are obviously primary long range armament. In a close fight with something like an Avenger, that means this ship is out-turned but not outrun and it would have a huge amount of shields and pretty comparable armament. A pretty fair match all round. A Defender would comprehensively outmatch it as a dogfighter, but it wouldn’t be a quick or certain kill. In PC game performance terms, think of an Avenger with shuttle or transport level shields. Defender would win…eventually. This is assuming a Defender survives the joust to short range. Of course, this thing probably also costs something like 3-4 Avengers… That’s the comparison for bleeding-edge performance fighters. Something like an X-W is pretty screwed in any engagement.

          • gorkmalork

            Fair point re: astromech gunners on bombers with R-series compatibility. Suppose Gold Squad were screwed in part on those trench runs by lack of funds/time to retrofit their stripped-down birds, hence the forward-fixed ions. ARCs probably could’ve traded some crew space for extra thrust (I’d also consider mashing both aft guns into a single dual ball), but A-wings in particular seem far better off relying on speed/jamming/missiles.

            Speaking of the latter, were I an alphabet-fighter jock who happened upon this nu-Mangler (and recognized its threat level), screw budget constraints-priority one would be snapping off any available homing projectiles, followed by an emergency jump. Come to think of it, I’d be sorely tempted to slap at least one CM launcher on this TIE just so it could keep interceptors evasive whilst blowing on through after slower prey.

          • Fractalsponge

            There will be some missile launchers. In a ship this big, why the hell not?

            When I still played SWTOR, I was one of the best Mangler pilots in the game. After a few thousand matches of GSF, the performance analogues I have in mind, in game terms, would be this ship at roughly Mangler weapon and Jurgoran engine performance, Defender as T2 battlescout, Avenger as a T1 scout, and the alphabet fighters as various iterations of strike fighters. At the top level, a Mangler or Jurgoran could just about survive top battlescout attention, but not really win 1v1. But anything else it’d gut pretty handily at almost all ranges.

          • gorkmalork

            *checks Original!Mangler’s Wookiee page*
            Ahh, *now* I see what you’re doing with the triple-‘sponson’ fuselage layout. Interesting design range for those Old Republic-era birds, even if some of those Sith fighters strike me as a bit *too* TIE-evocative. My aesthetic fave from that bunch would be the FT-6 (though again, rather familiar wing/cannon design).

          • Fractalsponge

            The Mangler is a StarWing re-arranged into trilateral fuselage symmetry. Convert to TIE aesthetic and you turn the missile pods into pylons.

      • darkelf2x1

        Ok, I assumed when you wrote “zerstoerer” that you were referring to something like the Bf 110 or the Me 210/310/410 series of heavy-fighters.

        The Me 410 had variants armed with 50mm cannons as well.

        • Fractalsponge

          Yeah but in terms of relative performance the 262 is closer to the mark. The 410 was pretty effective vs bombers but didn’t have the same effectiveness when challenged by fighters. The 210 was an epic disaster.

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