TIE Mangler WIP#1

A very large zerstoerer TIE. Two light turbolasers as primary armament. It’s big and thus heavy, but enormously energetic to feed the turbolasers, so probably a little under Avenger performance. The name is a SWTOR reference, because I loved flying the Mangler and this is a similar concept. I was originally going to make this a StarWing chassis (like the Mangler’s design ancestry), but I felt like a TIE series would be more thematically appropriate.

ytie4ytie3ytie2ytie1 ytie5


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Harold Okafor-Withers
Harold Okafor-Withers

Loving the detailing on this thing. Who doesn’t love a real big gun?


Will you be adding a rear tail gun & gunner position (Bf110) or are you going for something more like the Me410?