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  1. Coulden Pettit

    I was really fascinated by this design you put in, Fractal. The TIE Mangler looks like an absolute beast that’s ready to annihilate and Rebel starfighter, or give the Corellian corvette a really rough time.

    Though I do appreciate the TIE Mangler design, Fractal, by any chance, I would be very excited if this gets a bomber variant that’ll even put the Scimitar assault bomber to shame.

    • Fractalsponge

      It’s not much bigger than the Scimitar. A real upgrade over Scimitar in terms of munitions carried would be blastboat sized.

      • Coulden Pettit

        Speaking of ‘not much bigger than the Scimitar.’, I was wondering how long, actually, was the TIE Mangler?

  2. JOBe

    Hi Fractal, dya think you could do another design similar to this with the wings inverted by any chance. These designs are absolutely amazing. Definitely thinking of writing some of them into my fanfic if that’s cool with you

  3. gorkmalork

    Missiles, triple modular fighter-grade mounts, and no small degree of streamlining despite the light-gunboat mass. Even sans those light turbos, one of the neater outward-winged TIE creations in recent memory.

  4. Steve Bannon

    A TIE that is conceivably a match for a CR90 Corvette in a straight-up gunfight. Now all we need to do is hope someone at Disney lurks these threads to put one of them in the next season of Rebels or the Han Solo movie.

    • gorkmalork

      You’d probably want a flight of four to properly mob your average CR or Quasar Fire, but Force knows these brutes would ensure brown trousers on any YT freighter (or lighter) in their frontal arc. ‘Course, now I get to visualize one in a knife-fight with that micro-superlaser B-wing. Speaking of fiendishly hax small craft, how do we like this thing’s chances of whacking an XM-1 before it makes with the torpedo spam?

      • Little Grasshopper

        I like the odds, that’s an insane amount of firepower moving with Avenger-ish performance.

        Is there any info on shield strength?

    • Eric Otness

      Just so we’re clear, by “next season”, you mean Season 4, right? Only asking because Star Wars Rebels won’t have any more seasons after that, it’s the final season.

      • gorkmalork

        In that case, I’d be honestly surprised if more than one handful of original, OT or currently-Legends designs get (re)introduced. Most interesting development might be watching Scarif from the Ghost’s cockpit.

    • Anonymous

      Also: Heavy fighter, gun boat, personal transport? I’d love to know it’s role.

      • George Apley

        On stardestroyer.net, Ansel said:

        “Sniper. Cover dogfighters as they accelerate into the scrum, kill bombers, shuttles, transports, and escort corvettes, independent point and area defense for a capital ship. Instant kills on light fighters, extremely dangerous in close even vs high end fighters because it might have a lot of weight, but it has enormous power to move it, on top of the firepower and shielding. A flight of these with 2 flights of Defender to back them up and that’s a fighter squadron that’s dangerous at all ranges.”

  5. George Apley

    Damn, that’s a beauty. Appreciate the scale comparison shots as well! Great work

  6. Robert

    Dear Fractalsponge

    I get very excited everytime i’m seeing you create a (new) TIE Variant for the Empire. Your TIE Mangler is a masterpiece in the matter of innovation and combat strength. The Empire (as we can see it in Episode IV to VI) has a lot know-how when it comes to design of heavy and ultra-heavy battleships (Star- and Super Star Destroyer). But this is going at the expense of quality TIE Fighters. The only advanced TIE Variant we can see in the movies (IV – VI) is Lord Vaders TIE and so i’m very lucky every time i’m seeing you expand the Empires TIE Fleet with a more powerful variant.

    You have posted (2nd Dec 2016) a TIE Variant which reminds some of us to the TIE Phantom/TIE Clutch. And so i like to ask you: Are you going to complete this one?

    Yours faithfully

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