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  1. Jackalope

    I made an estimate with the Praetor II with it number of weapons emplacements and the fact that they are all heavy, combined with the reactor size, means that the Praetor is five times as powerful as the ISD II.

  2. Jackalope

    The resurgent class is a ridiculously powerful ship, it has over 1500 turbolasers and ion cannons, though there are no other numbers to going off that number alone mean that the resurgent is at least 8.33 times as powerful as an ISD II, although i think that number is higher since these are kyber crystal powered cannons.

  3. Anonymous

    What the armament of this ship and why all the HTL turrets ball variant?

  4. PyrrhicVictory7

    What function does that giant barrel shape near the bridge have?

    • Ari

      If I recall correctly it’s a docking and cargo transfer structure.

  5. Anonymous

    Which of these two ships is the better battlecruiser this ship or the Bellator?

    • Anonymous

      Well I know you said the Praetor class out gun the Bellator by 25% but the latter carry more fighters, it also have missiles tubes on it sides and on the prow and it have 2 reactor domes underneath while the former don’t have any.
      So if two of these ships fight each other who would win?

        • Fractalsponge

          All internal, which is better protection, but requires a bigger hull and more armor for the bigger hull. Tradeoffs.

          • Anonymous

            Ok then so i as said who would win in the fight as the better battlecruiser the Praetor or the Bellator?

          • Fractalsponge

            Probably Bellator, but not all the time. The difference is not so decisive that training and luck can’t tip it over.

          • Anonymous

            So they kinda similar of what they do or maybe the Preator have greater firepower (In turbolasers) and armor but the Bellator has speed and missiles (if it make any different or not) right? because i’m finding it hard to see what their different purposes between each other.

          • Fractalsponge

            Different manufacturers, for one (I like to think Praetor is a CEC product, or at least a collaborative CEC/KDY or Rendilli/KDY product). Bellator has better acceleration, so there’s already a big difference. Bellator can carry fighters and troops (at least much more than a Praetor even if not all that impressive numbers for a hull that size). It’s therefore more multi-role than a Praetor.

          • Anonymous

            So the Bellator is more a battleship (fast/light battleship to be precise?) than a battlecruiser while the Praetor is a pure battlecruiser?

  6. Hecatomb

    Wow, what a monster! The wider angle really beefs up the mass, making for a very intimidating design!

  7. Spartan919

    The lack of a bridge tower is really offsetting, wonder why the Empire went through with it.

    • gorkmalork

      This puppy might’ve been a late-Republic and/or non-KDY (CEC? Rendili?) design, hence the lack of Impstar-style command module.

  8. alphameek

    Great work! Interesting choice to go entirely with ball turrets for the main armament. Did you ever work out the final weapon load for this beast?

    • Xeno

      He did a 3.5km carrier a while back…something like the Impellor-class? Looks a lot like that

      • CRMcNeill

        No. The link i posted above shows a ship from the Classic Star Wars comics which is very similar to the Praetor, but with the split bow from the Impellor.

        • Anonymous

          Man if Fractal did that just imagined how many hangers there will be!

  9. gorkmalork

    Ooh, bow hangars-and with leagues more apparent structural integrity than Ep 7’s Resurgent class. Seriously, I’m unsure whether those turkeys are fit to duel their tonnage in supposedly obsolete Impstars, let alone a Home One-style cruiser.

    Anyhow, slick job rendering this Marvel refugee’s sundry curious components. That gargantuan subwoofer module (bridge?) has me wondering whether this was a Corellian design, or subcontracted their way; plus, those dorsal/ventral grilles running perpendicular to the superstructure are something of a head-scratcher. Heat sinks?

    • Xeno

      That massive cylinder is the reactor, I believe. As for the resurgent-class, I’ve got a ton of complaints about Episode 7, and that’s one. It’s 2.9 KM long, but still has 8 major turrets on the frontal side (barely visible), and can carry a massive, astounding, shocking amount of strikecraft – a mighty 144. I mean, seriously? A 600 meter heavy cruiser can carry 72, but a 3-kilometer carrier-battleship can only carry 144? The ImpStars only carried 72 because they were multipurpose – they had to escort, engage in fleet battles, invade planets, and carry starfighters. But the Resurgents were meant as fleet ships. So why 8,000 Stormtroopers but only 144 fighters? Also, the model itself kinda sucked, but the length irks me as well. “Oh, to make Star Wars more impressive, lets have a star destroyer thats TWICE THE SIZE OF THE PREVIOUS ONE! Oh yeah, it can carry twice the amount of fighters, too. It can carry more turbolasers than a Executor (1,000 vs 1,500 for Resurgent), and less troops, too. BUT ITS BETTER!”

      It’s a step backwards in ship design in every way from the Impstar.


      • gorkmalork

        Wookiepedia’s Legends/EU article for Ex cites roughly 4,000 turbos (plus a lesser number of ions, launchers & lasers), but yeah: no personal issue with the new fleet standby outbulking Impstars, but the only way I’m rolling with X-thousand guns on a Resurgent is if that total includes all the mediums, ions, missile turrets & point-defense snub-zappers. Which, upon third viewing of TFA, were actually at least *trying* to hit that hijacked TIE before the missile connected, so points for that much. And agreed that if you’re basically gonna convert 80% of the bow into awkward hangar space, there oughta be at least 4 small-craft wings for compensation. Finally, thirded with gusto re: the SHINY NEW SUPERFLAGSHIP FLUFF HYPE rankling just a skosh (kyber-crystal turbolasers? Let’s watch *that* supposed advance go nowhere fast onscreen).

        [/belated solidarity rant-response]

        • Anonymous

          Yeah i don’t really like that ship as well it was suppose to have 1.5k turbolasers/ioncannons but i can’t really see anyone of those apart from those 8 main turbolasers like the one on the ISD & IISD which made it hard to believe it and even if they did show all of it they would possibly look very messy and cluttered with no room between each other also these turbolasers was powered by kyber crystals which i’m not sure was a good or bad idea to do, the tractor beam is at the bow instead of the hangers which look to far away from the bow, they only double the fighters (which is hanging at the walls for some reason) but no walkers to be seen which make it unjustified for not having that much fighters and to make it worst i guess for now they have no bombers, not sure moving the bridge lower and to the left is a good or bad idea as well but looking inside it i think you get a bad view and god know if you trying to look to the right it will most liking be block off and to top it all off (IMHO) it is the ugliest star war ship design i ever seen! It look like the ISD/IISD got squashed like a pancake with the bridge tower being squashed the most!
          so yeah i am not using this ship no matter how good or bad it is at battle i’l just stick to the good old empire star destroyers now matter how outdated they get.

          • Anonymous

            By away Fractal what do you think of the First Order’s idea of using kyber crystals to make the Resurgent class star battlecruiser turbolasers more powerful than any normal turbolasers?

          • Anonymous

            Well then and why do you think it is horseshit? It is because they don’t go together or the kyber crystals will be too much for the turbolasers or vice versa?
            Also by away if you think that is fan-fiction well: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Resurgent-class_Battlecruiser
            at the Offensive and defensive systems part it mention this “Powerful turbolaser batteries allowed for overloading enemy shields and punching through thick armor, along with orbital bombardments capable of reducing planetary surfaces to molten slag. Upgraded from Imperial-era turbolasers, the Resurgent-class delivered more firepower and had a faster recharge rate. Stemming from kyber focusing crystals harvested from a secret source deep in the Unknown Regions”.

          • Fractalsponge

            I bloody well know that it is in the new fluff. I also think that it is awful writing, of the type usually found in awful fanfiction, hence my comment. Khyber crystals just sounds like TV serial plot-of-the-week nonsense. It’s objectionable because stuff like that builds threat by fiat, going against existing world building. It’d be like if I suddenly started putting turreted superlasers on my ships and saying they now outgun Death Stars because screw you. Incremental engineering improvement would be in line with the setting, but some crap like tripling firepower per barrel is really stupid.

            Technology looks pretty much the same across thousands of years of SW, varying largely with scale rather than basic principles. I know this is old EU, but old EU had decades of precedent (some awful, but some very good), and new EU basically is going to draw from the same well except when it wants to tell new stories with new characters. Instead of making a ship teh uberz because of some throwaway text, make it actually look awesome or do awesome things. Starkiller Base was trite, but at least it did something cool enough to justify some hype in the fluff.

            While we’re at it, instead of handwaving crap with Darth Gollumn and Darth Emo, make new villains actually interesting and vaguely plausible. The PT gets a bad rap, much of it deserved, but one of the best bits about it is Palpatine. There’s a guy that turned institutions and people on themselves, without needing a magic Macguffin tech or huge army of supersoldiers. The Sith Lord angle was different enough to make all the scheming plausible.

          • Anonymous

            Whoa that is one hell of the rant you did! It really made me think about this for a while so here my thoughts on it.
            1.Yeah the kyber crystals do become boring when use too much. So do you think is best to keep it exclusive to light sabers and the death star’s super laser or do you think kyber crystals as a whole is stupid?
            2.From the look of it’s technology they got yeah i agreed it look like it at is absolute peak and the Starkiller base being justify especially when it is a freaking star system buster.
            3.not much here but the Palpatine part which i also agreed but he technically did have a army of super soldiers of clone troopers to use for killing the Jedi order in order 66.
            So yeah great rant and i hope i didn’t waste your time with these posts i made.

          • Fractalsponge

            I thought the hangar looked fine. The Resurgent as a design looks fine too, but it’s not immediately iconic like an ISD.

          • Anonymous

            Right and i know you don’t like the placement of their tractor beam at the bow of the ship instead of placing it near the hangers but what do you think of their command ship replacing downwards to make it harder and not exposed for the enemy too see?

          • Anonymous

            By away fractal how much is more powerful do you think is the Resurgent class when compared to the Imperial class star destroyer?

      • Valoren

        For the of 144 fighters, they simply made a basic calcul: a resurgent is almost 2 times as long as a ISD, so it has 2 time the fighter capacity, right ? obviously it isn’t because the carrying capacity scale by volume, not size, so it should have around 8 time as much TIEs as a standard SD (or 576 ships, part bomber/interceptor), and even more since it is also supposed to be carrier.
        And for the hollowed bow of the resurgent, I think it’s actually a pretty bad idea. If you remember, what killed the executor was that some fighter were able to evade AA fire by hiding between its dorsal superstructure. The res’ bow is exactly like that, filled with pillars who screw the arc-of-fire of any defense-batteries placed inside it, and there’s no shield or blast door to prevent that, like on the venator and providence. A powerful omni-directional warhead bursting in there could do a lot more structural damage than if it simply exploded against the hull. It’s also a massive loss of space who could be used to transport fighters (something like 10 million cubic meters who serve literally to nothing. The full volume of a venator could hold in that), and it’s at the front of the ship, which make it vulnerable during a frontal assault, which the resurgent is supposedly build for.
        I don’t get what make the resurgent bridge more viable. It may be more structurally strong, but as long as they keep it and all the main officers behind a window, the point still stand.

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