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    • Fractalsponge

      If the Munificent main guns connect, very badly. But it would probably be able to treat the Munificent like a stationary target. All in all I’d give it to the Kontos if properly handled, but make one mistake and it’s over.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I though you say that because of the Munificent’s front super heavy turbolaser being more powerful than the main guns of the Assertor and Bellator.
        Also the Kontos treating the Munificent like a stationary target so do you mean the latter ship is very slow and is so how slow?

  1. gorkmalork

    Still love this thing’s hangar doors, half-recessed scanner dome & deep diamond hull plan, though hopefully its aft gunners get some extra flash protection.

    • Anonymous

      Fractal put it at 546.2 meters but he originally he put it at 450 meters when he start making the Kontos.

  2. Soren

    Holy crap! This one totally steals the show for the 4k updates! Nice job fractal!

  3. Chris Bradshaw

    At this point I’d rather you just label it a Strike Cruiser, and hope someone at ILM or a new-canon writer stumbles upon it if someone wants to reintroduce the Strike Cruiser as they did the Secutor.

    • Valoren

      Do you think ILM would put the Assertor in the new trilogy if Fractal were to rename it the giga super-star-destroyer ?

      • Chris Bradshaw

        There’s clearly someone working on these new films that knows what they’re talking about in terms in terms of ship naming nomenclature who named the Mandator-IV even if he wasn’t allowed to design it, designated the Raddus as a heavy star cruiser, and pushed for calling the Resurgent a Star Battlecruiser instead of a destroyer. It’s a pity that person wasn’t given more creative control.

      • gorkmalork

        I’m still chuckling over whomever slapped Assertor into the Imperial Handbook…with a caption explicitly referring to Executor. Way to credit *and* reference, minions of Mouse.

        • PhantomFury

          I saw that and got a chuckle at it too. However, going through the sources, Assertor was more widely used before Executor-class came into being, so I would have to guess that during the handbook’s lore-base publishing at 0 BBY, they presumed the Executor will be an Assertor-class?

    • gorkmalork

      Eh, I’d just chalk up the Loronar ship’s existence to a smaller company putting the bug in some Tagge-esque bigwig’s ear, and KDY in turn opting to slap that down with these puppies.

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