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  1. Jonathan C.

    I’ve always been torn on the blastboat. the windows seemed always too big to scale for a 24m long ship. and reminded me of a helicopter model type kitbash. This is the best I’ve seen it look at least The door at least scales how huge that window is.

  2. Sephiroth0812

    This thing was really hard to face in the old X-Wing Alliance game.
    Too many missiles and too many Ion Cannons.

  3. Mudflapbadwolf

    Hey I love your work and I’ve noticed you tend to stick with a pretty strict color palette when it comes to designing imperial ships and vehicles and was wondering what you think of all the variations of color schemes in other media like the light blue tint in the original trilogy to the almost glowing white and now with the dark gray/orange pallete in rogue one and other concept art.

  4. gorkmalork

    This beastie’s rotating wings make a lot more sense in the ‘landing/cruise’ configuration where they wouldn’t disrupt its turret’s aft arc, but full props for working out legit-seeming skids.

    • Fractalsponge

      It does make more sense as a “wing” rather than vertical, for the turret arc reason. I’m coming around to the notion that the wing assembly is constantly rotation during flight depending on manueverability needs and need to unmask the aft arc.

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