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  1. gorkmalork

    Twin LTLs, nifty dish-equipped quad turrets, radiator winglets and the thing’s *still* impressively streamlined. Digging the look of that thruster bank as well.

    • PhantomFury

      Are they LTL? I always imagine them to be heavy laser cannons since I find it odd to find TLs on anything smaller than a warship (at the very least, larger ones than this) a little odd, such as the proposed TLs on the Ebon Hawk on the KotOR series.

      • Chris Bradshaw

        Fractal’s TIE Mangler managed to mount twin LTL on a heavy strikefighter frame, so a sloop of this size having the power generation for LTL is at least internally consistent.

        • gorkmalork

          Plus, there’s the Falcon taking (and surviving) the odd LTL hit from pursuing Impstars midway through ESB. If a hot-rodded YT (barely) kept in repair by 2-3 crew has the juice for that, military variants with actual infrastructure support could be nasty indeed. Granted, not all H/M/LTLs are precisely equal either-this puppy still wouldn’t sting as hard as gunship-specialized corvettes.

          • keb

            Keep in mind that Fractal said in the original Intersector gallery that this ship is 76m long. It’s much bigger than the freighter that inspired it. He also said in his thread on SD.net that it uses ultralight turbolasers – IIRC the same guns are used on the Customs Corvette.

          • gorkmalork

            Correction much appreciated-that’ll teach me *not* to assume similar shape=same scale.

        • PhantomFury

          I guess so, but perhaps its just me stuck in the TL is a “for warship against warship” mentality.

  2. Admiral Drakkmar

    Are those missile/torpedo tubes on the underside of the mandibles? Also, i think this would perform admirably as a customs patrol craft.

    • gorkmalork

      Good eye on the launchers-took me a minute to spot those. I keep visualizing this puppy teamed with a flight of Fractal’s TIE Manglers.

  3. Admiral Drakkmar

    Are those missile/torpedo tubes in the cut-outs on the underside of the mandibles?

  4. Valoren

    Hey, the first ship design to be posted on this site is back ! I still love this thing.
    By what corporation was it built, by the way ?

    • Soren

      By the Fractalsponge Space Corp I think.

      If I’m not mistaken, this is an original design inspired by the thought of: Imperial Military YT-1300

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