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  1. PhantomFury

    The massive hangar spaces are awesome! Although the Empire always had warships over starfighters mentality, I can see this dropping of hyperspace and spew out its TIEs to overwhelm practically anything.

      • Maphisto86

        Oh boo anon! You are actually right. Still, when I was reading the book ‘Tarkin’ where it was mentioned, I imagined the Conquest as looking like Ansel’s design. It is implied unless a new design is introduced for the class. Agreed with Sephiroth0812 that Ansel should be hired to make the “canon” Victory and Secutor classes his designs.

    • Sephiroth0812

      I dunno, to me the Secutor always looked like a giant flying moth, lol.

      As for the new Disney canon, just like the Anon said, the Secutor is canon as a class just like the Victory-class SD, but both of their canon design, armaments and complements have not been elaborated upon as of now which is likely because they only appeared so far in the novel “Tarkin”.

      No other work has yet taken up the Secutor or the Victory so while they exist in the new canon, they are not really used yet.

      A part of me wishes that if they do decide to do more with the Secutor and the Victory in the new canon they’ll hire Fractal to make their canon designs.

  2. Admiral Drakkmar

    Does anyone have a link to the Saxton ship classification system. I am curious to see how it differs from the Anaxes War College system. I have not been able to find any information on it.

    • gorkmalork

      So far as I can tell, Saxton’s classifications roughly parallel mid-20th century naval scaling norms: patrol boat/gunship<corvette<frigate<destroyer<cruiser<battlecruiser<battleship/dreadnought. The Anaxes system's major differences from this involve 'cruisers' being generalized as smaller than 'star destroyers', with battlecruisers & then dreadnoughts forming the next two tiers.

      • Admiral Drakkmar

        Thanks for the info. Does Dr. Saxton give size ranges for each category? Such as, where the Anaxes system states that Star Desroyers range in size from 1000 to 2000 meters.

        • Steve Bannon

          Length isn’t exactly the best way to measure warships, especially when their proportions range from the saber-esque Vengeance to something like a Lucrehulk or torpedo sphere. When it comes to standard KDY wedges, length is a useful approximation for volume, but the key statistic to measure is power generation above all else.

        • gejemica

          Also, even with length being used for Star Destroyers, it’s misleading. A Procursator is 75% the length of an Imperial class but that translates to actually being less than half the size.

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