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  1. CRMcNeill

    Apart from the length discrepancy (154 meters vs. 110 meters), this is conceptually quite similar to the Warlord-Class Dropship that was mentioned in WEG’s SWAJ #2 Article “A World To Conquer”. It could carry 4 AT-ATs simultaneously, or 360 passengers & 180 metric tons of cargo instead of the AT-ATs, with six double turbolasers for defense. Obviously, not a perfect match, but close enough that the Warlord immediately sprang to mind when I saw the Chi. I may change the Warlord stats up to fit with the Chi’s imagery…

  2. CZSLWorldTour

    I kinda wanna see an animation of one of these things participating in a landing. What sort of carrying capacity does it have, in terms of Juggernauts, AT-STs, and other Imperial ground vehicles like speeder bikes or repulsor tanks?

  3. Gowan

    I love this one. Never liked the design of the Y-85 Titan or Theta-class. This looks far more in keeping with Imperial design. Oh and it looks like it could actually work, which I can’t say for the other two. Incidentally makes me start to think about comparisons to modern day military transport aircraft. Got my 1981 copy of American War Power. Would this be a strategic transport like the C-5A Galaxy and C-141 Starlifter or a multi-role transport like the C-130? If it is a multi-role transport would there be a gunship variant? That last question is pretty silly so maybe ignore it.

    But if I was forced to fight for the empire this is certainly what I would want to fly. Move over fighter jockeys bigger is better.

  4. Hecatomb

    What is the length of this vessel? I estimated around 150 meters, is that accurate?

        • Fractalsponge

          I really hate questions like this. I model in defined scale, so when I read off the dimensions I know exactly what the measure is. So yes, I am SURE.

          If someone is using 20m as a scale, they need to check their damn eyes, because there is zero possibility of the model being shorter than it is tall (22.5m+/- Xm). AT-ATs are 25-28m long assuming 22.5-24m height. My model is ~28m long with chin guns run out. (a lot of this depends on small margins of error from the 22.6m measure for height, which is impossible to get exact, especially since so many pieces of the model BEND).

    • Fractalsponge

      Repulsortanks, skimmers, speeder bikes, supplies, infantry. Basically smaller stuff 😛

  5. Sean

    What’s the approximate length of the shuttle? Around 80 meters? Also, around how many troops and vehicles could it carry?

  6. Plejadenwolf

    I really have to say that I adore this design. You really captured and culminated the typical Star Wars aesthetics. The ship is bulky and sleek at the same time. It some kind of merges the visual appearance from the Clone Wars-era with the best of the old trilogy designs, as if it would show up in between both, in the era of the rise of the Empire I suppose. They should include this in films like the upcoming Rogue One-movie. I can’t thank you enough for this gorgeous imperial design.
    I always thought about more classification types for the general Star Destroyer designs, like Heavy and Light Star Destroyers. Light Star Destroyers would be a far more agile and light weighted with less firepower, like an in-between of an ISD I and the Victory-class. The Heavy variants would look like a bulkier version of the original ISDs with thick armor plates around the shape. Maybe some of them could be retrofitted as artillery variants, something like a Mobile Proton Torpedo Launcher-2a in space, with artillery cannons under a thick armor plate which has to be deployed to fire it’s devastating weapons. I always liked the concept design of Vader’s flagship (http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/b/b0/Atari_ESB_ship.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20080803192701) because it fulfills the idea of a flying fortress in space with a massive command tower or dorsal surface city on top of the hull. Another idea which fascinates me is that of a super-agile and fast attack craft similar to the Victory-class, maybe a Victory III-class but with less armory and weapons and without command tower. A similar concept which gave the idea is seen on the front cover of Carl Sagan’s Contact (https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51TeWLK91TL._SY373_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg).
    Whatsoever, you did a fantastic job on this amazing spacecraft!

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