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  1. Anonymous

    By away is this repulsortank a light tank or a medium tank?

  2. Anonymous

    Is the laser cannon in the middle the as the AT-AT’s twin laser cannons?

      • Anonymous

        Neat and how much stronger or weaker it is compare to the 2-M Saber class repulsor tank?

    • Anonymous

      *the SAME as the* I can not believe i forgot to type that in!

  3. Hecatomb

    What are the two twin apertures at the front of the craft? They look like heavy ordnance launchers, but the firing line appears to be blocked by the ventral armor. Any thoughts on crafting a 2-M Saber-class tank?

    • Fractalsponge

      Headlights/sensors. They aren’t blocked, but might look like it from some angles.

  4. gorkmalork

    So you *can* crank out compact, efficient armored units in an SW setting. Can’t help thinking a few of these would’ve made the Endor ground situation fiendishly rougher for Rebels & hooded rock-dropbear allies alike. And hey, nice wide rear exit hatch if you cop a disabling hit & make it down intact.

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