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  1. ?????????


  2. Spartan919

    Anyone getting an ED-209 vibe from this vehicle

  3. Anonymous

    This reminds me of the walkers defending the emperor’s citadel in the Dark Empire series on Byss.

  4. Anonymous

    Is this walker more powerful than the AT-AT?

  5. Congratulations, you’ve rendered the AT-ST obsolete! This thing is much scarier.

  6. BlackArmor

    Hello there, I really enjoyed the look of this thing, so much so that I created something very similar to it in the physics-based engineering/sandbox game “Space Engineers.” Thank you for making such a nice model to work from.


  7. Wesley Van Der Veen

    Absolutely incredible work.

  8. Grand Admiral Brawn

    Please say that is a replaceable rocket cassette (or whats its name) where the old one is removed and new cassette with pre-loaded missiles is installed.
    I just love good design.

    Also, the light weapons pod reminds me of Vulture/Mad Dog from Battletech. Too small though, look badly underpowered.
    The big guns are a bit too wide, seem like this is still scrap metal against snowspeeders.

    Lastly, if I would be driving this, I would like to see some extra protection for the vulnerable joints and underside. Maybe a skirt armor of somekind?
    The worst nightmare for this thing is a hidden infantryman with cool nerves and an AT rocket launcher.

    Still all in all, it looks magnificent and Empire designs are supposed to be all teeth and size and no rounded capabilities. And this sure looks very menacing.

    • Fractalsponge

      Snowspeeder weapons and Rebel light field artillery made no impact whatsoever on AT-AT armor. Man portable rockets did squat against AT-ATCs in Rogue One. This would be ~50-75% of AT-AT base armor plus shields, and a much harder target due to its maneuverability. It’d take starfighter guns and heavy weapons to take it down, basically much like an AT-AT. AT-AT legs seem to be armored, judging by Hoth, so skirt armor is an extra layer of protection, but the components themselves are extremely durable.

      Mecha are in general, a dumb idea, but larger SW mecha don’t seem to be particularly vulnerable short of starship weaponry. Still a dumb idea in general though compared to actual tanks 🙂

  9. A bit oversized… isnt it? But all in all it looks really nice!

  10. someone

    what is that thing by the missle launcher with a rounded end?

  11. Astro1derboy

    Wow!!! Just . . . wow!!!

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