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  1. Grand Admiral Declann

    I have always wondered where all of the weapons emplacements are located on the Imperial Star Destroyer

  2. Anthony

    What program was used to create this? Is there any way someone can buy the actual model so we can make renderings and just play with it? Yours is over-the-top beautiful. Excellent job.

  3. Anonymous

    What is the difference between the Imperial I SD and the Imperator SD? Or are they the same. I’m confused.

    • Anonymous

      Really the biggest differences between them are almost purely cosmetic. The main difference was the tower section between the deflector shield generator spheres on the command section. On the ISD 1 that tower is the tractor beam targeting scanner, while on the ISD 2 the tractor beam targeting sensors were moved to the two ventral hangar bays to increase their accuracy, and the tower between the shield generators was downsized and instead served as the main communications array. The version seen here is the ISD 2.

      • Sephiroth0812

        The differences between the ISD Mk I and ISD Mk II are not purely cosmetic due to the ISD Mk II having a much stronger reactor and thus stronger shields as well as a notable difference in the main weapons battery.
        The ISD Mk I has a main battery of six dual heavy Turbolaser-Turrets and two dual heavy Ion Cannon-Turrents while the ISD Mk II has eight octuple heavy Turbolaser-Barbette Turrets instead.
        In terms of visual differences the ISD Mk I and Mk II can indeed be most easily told apart by the shape of the upper command tower section.
        The ISDs seen in Episode IV and Rogue One are ISD Mk I models while in Episode V and VI there are Mk I models.

        As for the original question of the Anon above, there is no actual difference between the name “Imperator”-class and “Imperial I”-class.
        It is the same ship-class, but the “Imperator”-designation was used by the Galactic Republic (yes, the Republic had Imperators close to the end of the Clone Wars, but only in small numbers compared to the Venators and Victories) while the “Imperial I”-moniker was the designation used by the Empire.
        It was simply a renaming/rebranding.

        • Anonymous

          So the ship seen above is actually an Imperial II Star Destroyer, as noted by the bridge structure and heavy turbolaser-barbette turrets, not an Imperator, which was the first line of starships produced by the Empire and also known as an Imperial I.

  4. Anditesh Ordo

    Awesome, you should be hired to do star wars rebels and other star wars ship and vehicle designs.

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