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  1. Soren

    I think I have been bitten by the starship love bug or something, ’cause this ship is absolutely beautiful, the thin profile, the antenna and sensory equipment sticking out, it can’t get any more realisticly sci-fi looking than this! (At least in Star Wars.) I plain love it’s design!

    Also, I think this is the sort of ship that would be best in the 150m range of size, like the CR-90, so it could fit inside a Impstar’s hangar, that way it could be safely removed within or deployed from the Impstar.

  2. Nine Volt

    Beautiful! How do the crew embark and disembark from the vessel? Is it meant to land at its size?

    • Fractalsponge

      Airlocks in superstructure. The ship doesn’t land (well, at least has no landing gear) – purely for operations in space.

  3. Brad Knowles

    So, three turrets of twin light turbolasers, right? All on the Dorsal surface? Nothing ventral?

    And what are those large triangular-shaped … objects?

    • Fractalsponge

      They’re sensor panels. Sized like the triangular facets on a Star Destroyer’s sensor domes.

      Guns are paired single light turbolaser and single heavy laser. Self defense only – the ship is designed to run from trouble, not fight.

    • Fractalsponge

      Posted elsewhere:
      I generally like the Raider design, except the exaggerated TIE Interceptor style wings. If they had integrated them better, it’d be a winner in my book.

      • Anonymous

        Speaking of the raider it is now canon thanks to EA Star Wars Battlefront 2.

  4. Adm. Drakkmar

    I bet the Kontos-class would make a good EW-type ship. Seems like it would be fast enough to disengage from a potential fight, while the aft guns would discourage pursuit as it is withdrawing. Would be really interesting to see a Kontos class EW conversion.

  5. Eric Otness

    So, since you did an Electronic Warfare-based starship, think you are up to doing a full render of the Pride of Tarlandia (that’s the large Star Destroyer whose bridge we briefly see during the Endor space battle)?

  6. Chris

    Should this have some sort of fighter capability? An external rack like the Carrack has??

    • Fractalsponge

      Nope – not meant to fight. It’s a very specialized design. But I like the hull enough that I may do a general purpose version.

        • Fractalsponge

          Thinking about it, but the light frigate is starting to take over that slot in my mind – it’s a lot bigger ship though.

    • Fractalsponge

      It’s ~262m main hull length. Lightly armed recon/electronic support ship, designed to run (very fast) if engaged, and otherwise stand off and direct/support other ships onto targets.

      • gorkmalork

        Between that proportionally huge drive nacelle & elegant tapering hull, this puppy certainly *looks* fit to leave a CR90 (or anything up to an A-wing) standing still. Also digging those semi-recessed sensor domes & underwing panels (srsly, *that’s* how you scale up TIE-style “solar absorbers”).

      • Anonymous

        Are you sure about that 262 meter length? I only ask because in that comparison shot in your Velox class gallery with the Vigil and Kontos ships, the Indictor seems substantially shorter than both the Velox and the Vigil. The Velox looks something around 300 meters long, maybe more given you listed the Vigil as 250-ish meters long. Or are the ships not to scale in that comparison picture?

  7. Kaul Agarous

    Interesting. I’ve never heard of this one. Is this an original design?

  8. Adam Warnock

    This is a cool little ship. I guess by the name and appearance it’s supposed to be kind of like an anti-blockade runner? Just out of curiosity, why aren’t the guns on those bridge extensions angled out or even put on their sides? It looks like it’d give more coverage that way, and placing a third on a raised platform behind the sensor dome would allow you to retain the redundancy of the current setup.

    • Fractalsponge

      It doesn’t really matter if they are angled, but it would definitely worse coverage if they were on their sides (pedestal perpendicular to horizontal plane of ship). The current mounting wouldn’t depress enough to cover the top hemisphere. Also, they’re raised because I imagine this ship would run if engaged, rather than fight. A hull mounted gun actually has less aft coverage.

      • Adam Warnock

        I figured coverage was why they placed where they were. It just looks like there’s a blind spot on the sides to me, and I was just thinking out loud. I also kinda figured it wasn’t meant for the stand up brawls that the capital ships are built for.

    • Adam Warnock

      He probably is. I’ve seen him bounce between a few projects at once before now.

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