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  1. Grand Admiral Declann

    Hey, Fractal, so what are the TL hitting powers of each of the guns?

  2. Tyler

    Hey fractal is the slot in the prow of the ship supposed to be a superlaser like the eclipse or am i just hoping?

    • Fractalsponge

      It is, though much much much less powerful. More for killing ships than destroying continents, though probably fires a lot faster.

      • Anonymous

        I thought so. It seems more for destroying golan platforms, star bases, and capital ships to me.

        • Grand Admiral Declann

          I believe that it would be best suited at a Long-Range assault position, like a Howitzer. And with it’s secondary and tertiary turrets, it would be able to fend off almost any attack against it.

        • Grand Admiral Declann

          I have done some research, and if the Empire had scrapped the DS-0, DS-1, and the DS-2, then the Empire could have survived and thrived. Fractal, please correct me if I am wrong, but if they scrapped all THREE of those Battlestations, then I believe that they could have had built over 300 of these Assertors. If you use the canonized fleet distribution system, with 1,000 Star Destroyers in each Sector Fleet, with 24 Sectors, plus 1,000 Star Destroyers as roving commands, that would give you 25,000 Star Destroyers. Now if the Empire converted all three of their Battlestations into Star Destroyers, I /think/ they /might/ have been able to, at most, double that number. If they built Assertors instead of ISDs then they could have built possibly 1,000 Assertors.

  3. Valoren

    For those who wonder the ship armement.

    -655 ultra-heavy quadruple turbolaser batteries.
    -256 heavy octuple turbolaser batteries.
    -142 heavy ion batteries
    -a 70 petaton yield superlaser at the bow.
    And probably thousands of other invisibly small turbolasers and AA point-defense systems.

  4. Dan

    Hey fractal, could this ship have really tough armor? As in be able to tank up to an exaton of TNT armor plz? Plz respond

  5. Anonymous

    this has got to be within the top 5 star wars star ships ever

  6. Anonymous

    How does this ship fare against the Viscount class star defender in the battle?

    • Grand Admiral Declann

      It is hard to say… Just looked at the stats of the Viscount, and I have to say that it is /possible/ for the Viscount to win, but the most likely winner would be the Assertor.

  7. Hecatomb

    My god, this is a magnificent design! Assertor is an apt name, as it would certainly assert itself over any opponent it encountered. I imagine its mere presence in a star system would quell almost any unrest, and give pause to even the largest enemy fleet.

    • Grand Admiral Declann

      If the Assertor was only used by the Imperial Remnant — I believe that this ship is in Legends, so Pellaeon’s Imperial Faction. They called themselves the Empire, but I called it the Remnant to avoid confusion. — then a more apt name would be Avenger Class.

  8. Anonymous

    With this many hangers how much fighters can this behemoth have?

  9. mr.oneshot

    This ship is the definition of absurd. A 15 km star destroyer? Legends, what did you smoke?

    • mr.oneshot

      I’ve done a bit more digging, looked at the numbers regarding dreadnoughts in Star Wars, and it would be apropiate to take back my statement. I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

      • Grand Admiral Declann

        You have angered a Grand Admiral! The Executor isn’t even the largest ship built! There is a class of Star Dreadnought that is 60 Kilometers on it’s longest axis – 41 Kilometers longer than the Executer. That ship is called the Supremacy, and it is the ONLY Mega-Class Super Star Dreadnought. But there is a ship even bigger than that. The Death Star I, with a diameter of 140 Kilometers. The Death Star II was even larger, with a massive diameter range, from 160 Kilometers up to 900 Kilometers. I believe that the DS-II was around 200 Kilometers Diameter. The Yuuzhan Vong had a “ship” called a “Worldship”, and not much is known about them, besides the fact that like all of the Yuuzhan Vong “technology” was organically-based, as in basically being lifeforms of one sort or another. Because of that fact, the Worldships” actually “grew”. The Worldships known as Koros-Strohna in Basic, where roughly 120 Kilometers in diameter at average. It is possible that they could grow to sizes larger than the DS-I, and possibly even larger than the DS-II.

        • Grand Fleet Admiral Spaceman 28

          What were you smoking? Worldships are large, bigger than the Supremacy, but would probably not be capable of being bigger than the DS. Legends-wise, The Executor was only the longest imperial ship in the Galaxy, the Eclipse had more tonnage. It was also the best well armed, housing more guns than the Assertor, Eclipse and Sovereign. The Supremacy on the other hand, is a whole different story. Knowing the large ass number of guns on the Resurgent, I would say it is possible that when we eventually get an official number of guns for the Supremacy, it will probably out-gun the Death Star 2. Then again, its guns are weird. THE SHOTS CURVE DOWN IN SPACE.

        • It is known

          The so called Mega Class Super Star Dreadnought was so mega and super it couldnt even destroy one mere Mon Cal cruiser

          • Grand Admiral Declann

            One OLD Mon Cal Cruiser, running on fumes, and that wasn’t even fighting back.

    • Grand Admiral Declann

      Not close. This ship is roughly 15,200 Meters in length. The DS-1 had a /diameter/ of 140,000 Meters. I think you could build 100 Assertors with just scrap from DS-1 alone. You could build at least a dozen from DS-0 alone. Note:The DS-0 was the prototype. It didn’t have shields, or any real hull. It was just the equatorial ring, the central power distribution core, with the Reactor in the very center of the core, and of course the Super Laser Array, so in summary was basically a proof-of-concept.

  10. Corausr

    Hey at first i need to tell you that every time i look at this technological terror of yours i always imagine vader would have chosen this ship instead of the executor for his flagship if he could. which leads me to an question what would you change or strengthen if you ever consider in making an Assertor mk II? If thats even possible its marvelous at it is right now.

  11. Alex

    I know this is now part of the “legends” stuff but where there more assertors built after assertor and wrath? As we have quite many executors i guess we have even more assertors?

    • Grand Admiral Declann

      There was only eight Executors. From my reading of Legends, I have not even seen a /reference/ to a Bellator, let alone an Assertor. So I have to answer as “Who knows?”

  12. Brad Knowles

    I looked at this one for a long time, before I realized that all those tiny little freckles all over the ship are actually turrets!

    I think I’m going to need a change of clothes…..

  13. LazerZ

    Have you seen the stats for this ship in the book Lead by Example? If so what do you think of them?

    • Fractalsponge

      I think I saw a scan. I don’t remember the numbers but I remember disagreeing with them 🙂

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