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  1. TEGTW page 167 has Procurator Legends length:

    “Bristling with weapons, the twenty-five-hundred-meter Procurator was the template for a series of ever-larger KDY battleships, nominally built to protect Kuat sector but really aimed at attracting contracts from wealthy Core planets, sectors, and powerful mercantile fleets. By the time of the Clone Wars, dozens of battlecruisers defended Core and Colonies sectors. The Procurator-class Star Battlecruiser was refined several times before being supplanted by a four-thousand-meter descendant, the Praetor class, though the Ruusan Reformations limited both classes’ hyperdrive capabilities and armament.”

    • Fractalsponge

      Huh, oh well – won’t be the first time I’ve disagreed with a number in TEGTW. Call it Procurator II.

      • Considering that nearly 200 years go by between the introduction of the Procurator and its “supplanting” by the Praetor, it makes sense that the “refinements” would include changes. Like the sensor domes and tractor beam targeting array – these ones match the ISD’s, so this being a very late version introduced just before production was discontinued, works.

        Interestingly, Rogue One shows ISD-I domes that match the original ANH movie ISD’s domes – the two spheres on the bridge module are made up not of triangles, but other shapes (hexagons and pentagons?) and, even in extreme close up, there’s no “vanes” on top of the domes.

        Perhaps ISD-II style domes (vanes, sphere made up of triangular panels) should be a post-Clone Wars innovation?

      • @Fractal
        Works for me. Supposes that would make those TaggeCo ships with the nifty quad sensor-dome array some sort of entirely unrelated (light?) cruiser class.

        Good eye. SW tech may not have the progression curve of 20th/21st-century Terra, but nigh-plural centuries leave plenty of room for updates & tweaks.

        • The superstructure terraces on Fractal’s Vicstar look like they’re based loosely on the Tagge ship (it isn’t just Tagge’s though – Captain Wermis’s ship (Wermis being the Imperial Captain who’s chauffeuring Vader around), and Crimson Jack’s, all have some commonalities, depending on the image. And they tend to have the same “engine nozzles divided into 4 quarters” design feature that we see here.

          The term “Star Destroyer-class battlecruiser” was often used in those comics.

          I’d probably treat them all as related.

          • gorkmalork

            Ah, comic-spinoff terminology. The three examples you mention seem likely to be variants of the same mid/ late Clone Wars class. now it’s just putting one -tor name or another to that.

  2. Grand Admiral 517

    Oh Procurator-class! I like it! Although I don’t believe it would have been that heavily armed

  3. I love everything about this. From the rear-deck ‘ears’ to the ISD-I derived bridge to the raised deck and antiquated engines.

    Fractal, if you’re bored, could you whip up some contemporaries? I would like to see more ships of this vintage.


    This thing is just wonderful! Magnitudes better than the crap they put out for the new trilogy!

  5. In Legends, the Procurators were supposed to be 2.5km long; does the model actually seem to match the description given in Legends?

    • Fractalsponge

      You know, everyone seems to have some knowledge of Procurator in the EU that I apparently don’t have and have never seen.

      • Checked the ‘pedia, and its two sources are apparently the AOTC ICS & EGTW, with that dimension stat lifted from the former. Seems a little odd for even an older KDY battlecruiser to pack less surface area than a contemporary (albeit only nominally) ‘civilian’ company’s armed freighters (by which I mean Lucrehulks, natch). Especially given the Empire at War mod render’s distinctly non-dagger shape; I’m wondering how many peeps just lifted their lore from that game’s ship-description textbox.

        • Fractalsponge

          Well it being in ICS is manifestly false, and I have not found any indication in EGTW. I have both books.

          Low surface area’s good for a warship.

          • gorkmalork

            Might be some game and/or mod’s stats getting cited as general lore, then…in which case I’d much rather roll with the Procurator scale those Impstar comparison shots indicate. And quite right about low *proportional* surface area-perhaps I should’ve (very subjectively) phrased it as “weird an SW battlecruiser’s not that much bigger than a destroyer”. Yes, I remember length alone means bupkus too.

  6. spikedpsycho

    Nice that Procurator class ships finally included. Honestly I think the ship is too chunky, stripped of it’s star destroyer sleekness.

  7. Abrupt Legends realization: between this beast, Fractal’s Victory & Dreadnaught-class renders, and that in-progress Acclamator combat variant, one could have the makings of a decent Corporate Sector Authority ( http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Corporate_Sector_Authority/Legends ) patrol flotilla. About all you’d be missing are a the Marauder corvettes & IRD interceptors (oh, and the odd Recusant or Lucrehulk).

    • Fractalsponge

      Invincibles, not Procurators. I think Procurators are an order of magnitude more terrifying than what something like the Corporate Sector would be allowed to maintain. Tbh CSA didn’t seem all that powerful in fluff ever, and definitely not in the same league as Corellia, Kuat, etc.

      • Yeah, I was more/less running on old-school aesthetics & Brian Daley nostalgia with that lineup-didn’t really think through the implications of “ogliarch backwater firmly under the Empire’s thumb” or later Legends’ revealing the C-Sector as just one more faction which threw in on the Clone Wars’ rigged-to-lose side. “Challenging sidebar setting for Pre-ANH Han & Chewie” doesn’t require a Corellia (or even Hutt holdings)-tier naval budget.

        • Steve Bannon

          I’m pretty sure the CSA got their hands on some secondhand combat-retrofit Lucrehulks, which should be in the same range for power generation as Fractal’s Procurator, even if they have awful firing arcs and acceleration. Kuat, TaggeCo and Rendili were both signatory sponsors of their charter as well, which opens up the possibility of some fairly significant defense fleets.

          • gorkmalork

            Might still be enough of a power-generation gap ‘tween the two to make L-hulks seem like a safer fit for one’s privatized proxy-state client. Come to think of it, those rather sleek-hulled TaggeCo ships from the same Marvel strips that spawned Praetor (and now Fractal’s Procurator take, I suppose) might’ve also been marketable as a ‘pocket fast flag’ for polities Palpy didn’t quite trust with heavier metal. Wookiee’s Legends history happens to include a bit where the whole C-Sector was conquered by Warlord Zsinj inside about 2 years, so presumably its strategic reserves were (artificially kept?) none too deep by Imp standards.

  8. So Fractal what are you going to do next the heavy frigate or possibly a Mandator?

  9. After you finished this marvelous piece of art would you consider tackling the Titan class Star Destroyer i would love to see your version and or the Centurion class Dreadnought iirc the ravager flagship of darth nihilus from Kotor 2

  10. PhantomFury

    It’s beautiful! I am new here, but I have been a fan of your models since I saw them on the SW Wikia. Will you make another reaction post concerning the Mega (*cringe* that naming though) class Star “Destroyer”?

    • StellarMagic

      I really hope the Mega-class will turn out to be an error, or resistance slang, or something. If there was one ship of a class built, the class-name should be the same as that ship that was built.

      • PhantomFury

        I agree, because Supremacy-clas sounds far more traditional. Even the so-called “Super-class Star destroyer” was just a dud (in Legends). And while they are at that, they might as well not call it a “star destroyer” since the Resurgence-class is dubbed a “battlecruiser” and the 8km Pizza is a “dreadnought”

  11. I love it

  12. Taghmata Omnissiah

    This is the same “Procurator” class that was build in Republic times? It do look much more and Imperial era ship.

  13. Hey Fractal how many ISD power reactors could compare to the Procurator power reactor like 10-15?

  14. Thank for this new addition to the imperial fleet. I like the change of angle in the dorsal hull, the t-shaped bridge tower and the front end’s protruding superstructure block, it give it a fairly special look compared to pretty much all of the other starships in the imperial’s arsenal.
    Also, since you already talked about the designs from episode 8 on this site, are you going to address the new 60 km wide “mega” star destroyer ? I don’t know if you’re going to dedicate a whole article to it, so soon after the last one, but could you please share your thought on the subject ?

    • I believe Fractal vented some spleen re: that Superduperwedge(R) when someone mentioned it back on the TLJ dreadnought reaction post’s comment section.

      • Thanks.

        • No sweat. Honestly, the hyperwedge doesn’t stick in my craw quite so much as the siege pizzas, but its class name locks my eyeballs firmly in the upright position.

          • Yeah, the same. I mean, since how long has the discussion about the Executor ended ? You think they would have figured it out by now. It should be called a supremacy-class star dreadnought, but if it’s anything like the Executor, it probably will be at some point.
            The size is completely bonkers though. All the biggest dreadnought created by the original Empire could fit inside the thing. I thought the F.O. was supposed to use its ressources more efficiently, but to this day we’ve only be presented with colossal wastes of material. And since, for scenarists, ramming is the quickest shortcut to complete obliteration, it will probably suffer the same fate as the Executor.

          • gorkmalork

            Seconded on the “where’s Space Daesh finding the resources/funds for all this??” front (though I suppose they *could* have lucked into some uncharted raw-material source or just been bleeding FO worlds dry). At least the damn thing’s ‘only’ several times larger than any prior superheavy, as opposed to ‘Death Star-ballpark flying wing’. Still nuts enough that the following fan-design pisstake link seems relevant (though the rest of that forum thread…:/): https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/imperium-class-ultra-star-destroyer.184259/

  15. Wow, I think I’d be hard pressed to find something about this design I ‘Don’t’ like. Simply a fantastic design and concept. As others have said repeatedly: I REALLY wish you were the one designing ships in the new trilogy.

    • One can dream no? For me unfortunately, not even the MSD seems to give off that dominating aura that I was anticipating… Seeing Snoke though come out of hyperspace in the bridge of the Wrath with a bunch of these as escort… That would be another story.

  16. Tom Freeman

    Beautiful! It’s an odd-looking beast, and I say that in the most complimentary way possible. It really nails the late-century Republic look, and I’m glad Fractal went ahead and used the Procurator class name.

    To mirror a frequent sentiment, I wish we could see more designs like this in “official” products, rather than the junk we’re getting…between the Mandator-IV and the Mega-class, I’ve just about given up hope that Disney will ever give us another quality Imperial cap-ship.

    • Nate The_Great

      I agree with your sentiment, good sir. I must, however, disagree with your point on the “Procurator-class” name. There are already illustrations of the Procurator-class, as well as my belief that this vessel does not conform to the outlines set in the Treaty Of Ruusan, and therefore can not possibly be of the Procurator-class.

      • Nate The_Great

        Gr8 design tho. 1 of my favs.

        • Tom Freeman

          It is true that this ship wouldn’t comply with the restrictions on the Republic Navy. If I may point out, however, the Procurator isn’t exclusively a Navy asset; it was something of a vanity project for Kuat Drive Yards, who sold them mainly to defense fleets in rich sectors. Local defense forces, especially in sectors with a lot of money and political clout, wouldn’t necessarily be held to the same limits. Does it make any sort of technical sense? No, but then bureaucracies never do. It would be hilarious to imagine a bunch of these sitting in reserve docks around Kuat and Humbarine while the Stark Hyperspace War was being fought with up-armored diplomatic shuttles.

          • gorkmalork

            Dunno if ‘in-house fleet asset off central government books’ quite qualifies as ‘vanity project’, but that is a chucklesome picture you paint. Suppose it also hints at why none of the prequel battles chronicling this prominent Jedi or that involved Count Lee-err, Dooku & Grievous screaming at Palpy over holocomms while a Mandator chewed through their fleet in the backdrop.

  17. Professor Fractal,

    The ship is fantastic, however the ship seems to be missing two of the Venator/Victory type HTL turrets on the right-side aft of the conning tower. ;D

    Or my turret counting-fu is lacking?

    What do you see this ship carrying crew/fighter/troop wise?

    • I only count one small-ish portside turret aft of the bridge which isn’t mirrored to starboard, but good eye. Tempted to visualize this beast hauling roughly 2.5 Venators’ worth of small craft, but I may well be lowballing.

      • One turret is on one of those rectangular platforms near the center-line, the other is on a missing custom base further outboard and to the rear of the first, near the rear edge of the conning tower outcropping.

        • *squints at aforementioned area*
          Hm, right you are. Thanks for narrowing that down.

          • I count turrets… lots of zooming in, used scrap paper with tally-marks on them, and sore eyes. ;D

  18. So the lighting on the Assertor you did recently which look amazing by away you also did with this ship which make me think are you going to do this type of lighting on all your ships you created?
    Also the ball turrets on the Procurator is it 175 Teratons caliber?

  19. Mercy, the lighting. That *thruster* lighting. The greeble distribution. Somehow deriving yet another distinctive shape from the KDY doomwedge template, even without factoring in the aft-superstructure winglets. Yep, this one’s a keeper.

    • Steve Bannon

      It’s a pity the Clone Wars cartoon animation team was so reluctant to flesh out the upper echelons of the Republic fleet list by sticking to Acclamators, Arquitens, and Venators, all while giving the CIS interesting designs like the Subjugator and the supply ship. Seeing a Procurator or some other battlecruiser in Republic livery delivering a multiple petaton alpha strike on a Lucrehulk was the one thing I was hoping every new season would highlight, but alas.

      • I kinda wonder if having upper-end naval assets drop in & clean house now & again struck someone(s) as “too Imperial crackdown-evocative; fans want Plucky Agents of Peace & Justice, and we’re still pretending the Republic Did Nothing Wrong.” Plus, of course, render budget being saved for story-purpose antagonist devices. Though now I’m wondering how far down a Subjugator’s ion bursts would cut the Munificent count needed to break even with a Mandator.

        • Steve Bannon

          The solution to that is giving the Procurator to a traitorous admiral, or maybe a disloyal sector defense fleet, forcing our Plucky Agents of Peace & Justice to have to shut it down with some trickery.

          About the Subjugator, since the ion wave seems to expand outwards area-wise fairly rapidly, targets at normal (?) engagement ranges of several light-seconds away can’t be taking that much ion energy, but corvettes, fighters, and other small craft are still probably disabled. A Mandator’s shields should be able to hold that, regardless of how much volume in the Subjugator is devoted to capacitor banks.

          At point blank range, all bets are off, and total shield failure might be pretty plausible, but the Subjugator surviving until it can close to that kind of range against a Mandator’s fire is questionable. With similar hull shapes and the Mandator being 8km to the Subjugator’s 5km, and the Mandator II being a much more general-purpose design, the Republican dreadnaught has a pretty conclusive power-generation edge.

          I suspect the CIS’s Subjugator to be somewhat akin to the Executor in role, being more suited to hunting down destroyer squadrons than engaging fellow superheavies, but that’s just speculation.

          • gorkmalork

            Not a bad scenario. You still might get some “wah why are the good guyz ships THAT Imperial-shaped” flap, but that was half the prequels’ point anyway.

            Come to think of it, the sort of point-blank mayhem that might give a Subjugator its best disabling shot(s) would also demand some damned careful positioning on the part of its support screen-it’s either stay on your flag’s unengaged arcs at all costs or get zorched by ion splash. And all this is assuming the Mandator doesn’t have its own screen either present or a short jump away.

            Eh, I figure that multi-role though it may be, the sheer scale gap between Ex and most prior superheavy designs would demand at least a half-dozen Praetor/Bellator-tonnage opponents (or two Mandator III-weight heavies) before you squeak out of mutually-assured destruction territory (well, ASSuming nobody breaks for hyperspace or scores a golden-BB hit). Then again, I’m also the schlub who gets a little sick of YouTube-comment fanwank about Eclipse & Sovereign (the latter of which basically got a silhouette-talk about napkin navies), so take that with an Atlantic coast’s worth of salt.

  20. Road Warrior

    Ansel, that’s out of the park my friend.


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