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  1. Valoren

    Personally, I’m not too fond of those designs who put aesthetic over practicality. Even the V-19, who was basically a Upsilon upside down with a fin, had an additional engine to make it look less awkward.
    But yeah, this design is gorgeous.

      • gorkmalork

        Eh, pretty sure I’ve done that 3 times in a row. At least this isn’t one of the double-digit reply threads.
        Anyhow, I suppose the Delta & Lambda make concessions of their own to aesthetic flow with those huge dorsal fins-they’re just balanced enough designs to look decent in flight *or* on a pad.

    • Valoren

      Yeah, it’s probably partly because its engine nozzles are placed on its center of gravity, contrary to the Delta and the Upsilon. It just feel right.

      • gorkmalork

        The R1 & TFA Ominous Official(R) shuttles seem to have this odd ‘spooky when settling in to land’ aesthetic which leaves ’em looking rather awkward in flight. In other news, amazing how this old game design has been refined & spruced-up; even the aft LTL mount doesn’t compromise its elegance too much.

    • PhantomFury

      Krennic’s shuttle is just a Lambda with all these stealth hard edges, which is kind of fine for me. Kylo’s Upsilon, on the other hand, deserves all kinds of criticism. The hull is just flat and its \_/ to |_| movement is underwhelming, and it is just propelled by two dinky traditional sublight cone nozzles.

      • Grand Admiral Declann

        TIE Fighters are driven by two similarly puny engines, and those things were veritable humingbirds.

        • PhantomFury

          It’s not really the size that bothers me, but rather how it just shatters the design. You have a largely flat ship but suddenly it ends in a pair of fighter jet-esq sublight nozzles that simply looked very out of place,

      • gorkmalork

        Eh, Krennic’s shuttle has a bad case of thin-fins in my book, and its pyramid fuselage just seems a little too abstract. Agreed on the Upsilon kinda resembling a TV remote with batwings, though.

        • PhantomFury

          Looking at it now, I see what you mean with Krennic’s shuttle, its wings are just long and thin and one could say the chassis is dreadfully bland.

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