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    • gorkmalork

      Impellor’s basically the carrier variant of this ship, and as such trades a lot of firepower for hangar space-not really suited to slugging it out with a more direct combat-specialized sibling. Bellator, as a 7.4(?) km. battlecruiser, boasts a marked edge in tonnage, guns & shield strength, and may be quick enough to keep up with either -pellor variant.

  1. gorkmalork

    Snazzy amber engine hue, and I dig that spinal superstructure & turret row.

  2. Anonymous

    So Fractal what is your thoughts on hyperdrives classes like the class 1 on the Venator and the class 2 on the Imperator?

    • PhantomFury

      Considering that the Imperial sourcebook indicate that “entire planets […] throughout their history did not expend as much power […] in one hyperspace jump,” for the hyperdrive, one could imagine that Class 1 would simply be far too energy extensive.

      • Sephiroth0812

        The Republic did field probably ten thousands of Venators though but maybe because they are smaller than an ImpStar they could still field the Class 1 without much problems?

        If I remember correctly both variants of the Victory-class SD also had a Class 1 hyperdrive just like the Venator.
        Both ships are smaller than 1.200 meters though so maybe size is an indicator?
        Is the Venator the biggest design to feature a Class 1 hyperdrive?

        Acclamators are written to possess a 0.6 Class which would make them almost as fast as the Millennium Falcon. Wat?

        • Fractalsponge

          You think the Millenium Falcon is special? Seriously, it’s supposed to be fast in hyperspace, but it’s still just a hot-rodded tramp freighter. There will be military ships of far higher performance. You can tell it’s not particularly spectacular given how an ISD casually hauls it in (admittedly in realspace).

          Hyperdrive ratings are a pretty weird and particularly poorly organized element of the ship stats available – hyperdrives seem to be small systems and very hard to scale or deduce much out of, so it’s mostly writer’s fiat.

          • gorkmalork

            The Falcon does provide a handy benchmark on stuff like sublight acceleration & light-freighter durability, since we spend so much screentime with it. That noted, it would be odd if something somewhere *hadn’t* outstripped the MF’s lightspeed velocity; dedicated recon platforms & rapid-reaction forces strike me as in need of the quickest possible drives.

        • PhantomFury

          Acclamator’s blazing hyperdrive speed could be explained by the fact that its hyperdrive takes up the entire “fin” that is nestled between the sublights.

          • Fractalsponge

            It really doesn’t – it fits into the tip of that fin, and is much less voluminous than any of the engine nozzles, for instance.

  3. Vlado87

    Can you add those ships: Compellor-class Star Cruiser, Impellor-class Fleet Carrier , Velox-class Star Frigate, Praetor-class Star Battlecruiser, Legator-class Star Dreadnought, Bellator-class Star Battlecruiser , Wrath Star Dreadnought, ? Star Battlecruiser, Aiwha-class Star Corvette,
    to or in this image: http://fractalsponge.net/?p=895

    • gorkmalork

      Seems like most of the bigger ships in that list would fit better in their own lineup. Assuming, of course, Fractal even has the time/inclination.

  4. Anonymous

    Have you ever thought of making a massive windows theme with all of your pictures?

  5. Admiral Drakkmar

    What is the purpose of the undercut on both sides of the bow? Is it aesthetic or is it functional?

    • gorkmalork

      Good question. Functional reasons besides maaaybe ‘improved tractor-beam arc’ escape me.

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