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  1. Frizzo

    It bugs the hell out of me that they named a frigate class “dreadnought.” What’s next, a battleship-class skiff?

    • Grand Admiral Declann

      I believe that the single forward facing tube under the bridge might be a tube. I am fairly certain that the tubes angled at a 45 degree angle on the bottom of the fore section of the hull could be torpedo tubes as well.

      • gorkmalork

        Pretty sure that forward-facing cylinder is a tractor-beam projector, but the ventral/bow tubes are indeed missile tubes.

  2. Coulden Pettit

    The 4k renders for the Dreadnaught-class Star Frigate looked really amazing! 🙂

    Maybe, someday, you could do a 4k render of the Indictor-class electronic warfare Star Corvette, as well.

  3. Admiral Drakkmar

    This may be a dumb question. But, what is the cluster of downward facing tubes under the bow? Warhead launchers for orbital bombardments?

  4. Jonathan C

    Love this 4k update, the detail increase def adds a “weight” to the image. Makes it easier to imagine its reactor is just that much bigger to account for its 50% more Heavy TLs.

  5. Arvenski

    I’d been looking forward to seeing this one in 4K. I would’ve loved to have seen one or two of these beauties in the Rebel fleet in Rogue One.

  6. Anonymous

    awesome! Did you change a model a little bit? It seems that hangar is enlarged. How many fighters/shuttles does it contain now?

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