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  1. Anonymous

    So Fractal you said you going to make a different ship that will be dagger shaped which will replace the Dreadnaught if you weren’t commissioned and if you did will that ship be similar to the Vindicator or is it completely different?

    • gorkmalork

      My closest guess would be that teeny-tiny strip of viewports(?) dead-center on its prow. Still an easier find than the command modules on OT-era Mon Cal ships.

      • DreddDobbs

        It being windowless and situated internally where a starfighter can’t kamikaze it or a decent shot can take it out would make too much sense.

        I think The Last Jedi or even Return of the Jedi shows why you don’t want to put your bridge where it is easy to get to.

        • gorkmalork

          Thing is, normally such components are covered by shields, and I get the impression once those are compromised/knocked out armor only buys you so much time against capital-grade energy weapons. If the Raddus wasn’t ludicrously outgunned & thus forced to shunt every spare watt of defensive juice aft, Kylo & friends might’ve had a much tougher time landing bridge & hangar hits. Plus, both ROTJ & TLJ examples had secondary helm stations; Raddus kept steaming along uninterrupted, whilst Executor just didn’t get time to correct that (in)conveniently random thrust input before hitting DS2.

    • Jackalope

      I think the bridge is internal, this is what the Wookieepedia page says.

      โ€œMain bridgeEdit
      Unlike many contemporary warship designs, the Dreadnaught-class did not have an easily visible bridge section, opting to shelter the command decks and crew stations inside the main armored superstructure. These areas were located on the dorsal side of the bow.โ€

  2. Frizzo

    It bugs the hell out of me that they named a frigate class “dreadnought.” What’s next, a battleship-class skiff?

    • JazSalUmbru

      It as originally indicated that they were the prime battleship of the line in the Old Republic at the time they were created, but that by the time of the Empire they were much weaker than the newer and more impressive Star Destroyers.

      • gorkmalork

        Funny thing is, at least one Legends comic series set back during Old Republic days introduced ships like the Inexpugnable-class battlewagon and Mandalorian Kandosii, both of which outgun/outbulk a Dread by no small degree. I’m inclined to chalk the name up to marketing.

          • jonathan

            Remember too that the idea of the term “Dreadnought” meaning heavily armed battleship originates with the HMS Dreadnought so I think its reasonable to assume that in Star Wars “Dreadnaught” may refer to the name of a ship.

    • Grand Admiral Declann

      I believe that the single forward facing tube under the bridge might be a tube. I am fairly certain that the tubes angled at a 45 degree angle on the bottom of the fore section of the hull could be torpedo tubes as well.

      • gorkmalork

        Pretty sure that forward-facing cylinder is a tractor-beam projector, but the ventral/bow tubes are indeed missile tubes.

  3. Coulden Pettit

    The 4k renders for the Dreadnaught-class Star Frigate looked really amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Maybe, someday, you could do a 4k render of the Indictor-class electronic warfare Star Corvette, as well.

  4. Admiral Drakkmar

    This may be a dumb question. But, what is the cluster of downward facing tubes under the bow? Warhead launchers for orbital bombardments?

  5. Jonathan C

    Love this 4k update, the detail increase def adds a “weight” to the image. Makes it easier to imagine its reactor is just that much bigger to account for its 50% more Heavy TLs.

  6. Arvenski

    I’d been looking forward to seeing this one in 4K. I would’ve loved to have seen one or two of these beauties in the Rebel fleet in Rogue One.

  7. Anonymous

    awesome! Did you change a model a little bit? It seems that hangar is enlarged. How many fighters/shuttles does it contain now?

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