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  1. Robert

    What are those structure between the side turbo laser batteries look like small hangers

  2. Keilerbie

    It looks like an Assertor that was blown up and reassembled into this. I love it!

      • Dan

        Wow so you are the great ansel! Huge fan and can you tell me how many guns are on the AT-SP and the chi class drop ship?

      • Dan

        Also I would love a heavy repulsor tank and some wh40k Titan-sized walkers. Btw how fast does your broadsword repulsor tank go at?

  3. Anonymous

    By away fractal you said the Impellor class fleet carrier have three bridge station on the tower bridge as it is for maintaining fighters and ground forces right? And if so then why does the Compellor star cruiser have the same one as well when the Compellor was a warship counterpart? Is it because they do the same job with fighters and ground forces or something different?

  4. mr.oneshot

    Both the Compellor and the Impellor use the Bellator’s hull, right? (altough it’s obviously cut-down)

    • Fractalsponge

      No, it’s a much much smaller hull, and the engine arrangement is totally different. The proportions sort of match, but not the scale or implementation.

  5. Anonymous

    Why is this ship only have IISD Oct HTL as is main batteries instead of something stronger like the Allegiance,s Quad 140 teraton HTL main or at best the Bellator,s 720 teraton Twin HTL main or is 240 Quad teraton HTL secondary?

    • Anonymous

      My bad the Allegiance one is actually 175 teraton and I forgot to mention that the Oct HTL is around 32 to 40 teraton.

      • Anonymous

        You said this is a medium star cruiser right and if so then in this post you have created
        on the 240-HTL gun part you said this cailber was used as a medium star cruiser main gun and captial secondary gun so (unless this post has become outdated and you have change your mind about it or not) then why this ship only have oct 40 HTLs star destroyer’s guns (and some of those main guns you said were quad 40 HTLs) as it main and quad MTLs as it secondary?

        • Anonymous

          Sorry if i’m bothering you with these posts I making but i just want to know why did you make the armament on this ship like that.

        • Fractalsponge

          Executor basically has only 40TT guns. You can mount more smaller guns or fewer large ones. The power generation is the key limiting factor. Large number of guns is probably better for killing small ships, but big guns are useful against big targets.

          • Anonymous

            So you saying the Compellor is not strong enough to have heaver Guns that is over 100 TT per barrel right?

          • Anonymous

            Also you said 13 of those 40 teratons HTLs are quads but I can’t see which one is it from afar and when I try to see it close up it get low quality which make it harder to see. So when you got the time can you highlight the main turrets so I can see the different like yellow for the octs and red for the quads?

    • Anonymous

      Or rather, be the class of some battlecruiser or other Imperial/First Order ship in the 3-5km range whose class has yet to be established… it’s definitely larger than the 2.9km Resurgent, however.

      • Grand Admiral 517

        Nah Disney would just ruin it. Byt there are battlecruisers in the EU that still needs to be identified…
        (Ilthmar’s Fist and Stellar Halo for example)

        (I know this won’t happen but I can at least dream)

  6. The Wandering Jewels

    hmm looks like 32 Ultra heavy Twin-linked turbolasers topside, eight lower bottom side, 24 heavy turbolasers dorsal and ventral. I have no idea on how many weapons down the centerline..

    • Anonymous

      If I counted correctly, there’s an additional 31 of those octuple barbette turbolaser batteries on the dorsal portion of the ship. With 19 of them specifically down the centerline of the ship.

  7. Hecatomb

    Now that is one mean-looking ship! Even more intimidating than the Imperator-class. You certainly have a knack for instilling your designs with a sense of character.

  8. Birs

    Hi Fractal, you did some wonderfully high resolute shots of all your other ships in the past. Could you please add some spec shots of this beauty (esp. dorsal and ventral) bigger than those 2560px, please?

  9. Anonymous

    Do you think this ship doe the multi-role style better than the imperial star destroyer?

  10. Jackalope

    So how long is it, because you said that its smaller than the Praetor, but still a large cruiser, could be similar to the Resurgent Class Battlecruiser.

      • Anonymous

        so around 144-216 fighters right since each wing have 3 squadrons in which each squadron have 12 fighters or is it different for your idea?

        • Fractalsponge

          Imperial wings are 6 squadrons, versus Rebel ones with 3.

          • Anonymous

            Whoa so that’s make it 288-432 fighters man i love this star cruiser even more.

          • Anonymous

            By way can it carry that many fighters along side with walkers and shuttles?

          • Anonymous

            Wait i meant to say how many walkers and shuttles can it carry along side those many fighters?

  11. Adm. Drakkmar

    Seems to me this niche is already filled with the Praetor Mk II, with both being roughly the same size. Does this vessel have improved firepower over the Praetor? Just curious as to what the different roles would be.

    • Fractalsponge

      Praetor is optimized for fleet combat. Compellor can do multirole, and it’s smaller anyway, so not a perfect comparison.

      • gorkmalork

        Eh, I prefer your pre-Guide to Warfare stats for the Marvel battlecruiser anyhow. Since said volume is more/less retconned anyway, that’s even more of a tonnage gap ‘tween the two.

  12. Codie

    The turbolaser turrets on this are similar to the octuples on the Imperial II class correct? I really like this design. It fills a gap between the Allegiance class and the Mandator/Bellator designs quite nicely. I feel like the Allegiance is more of a “large cruiser” as opposed to a true battlecruiser. This and the Bellator are my two favorite designs you’ve made by far. Ever consider expanding on the Bellator/ Mandator classes?

    • Fractalsponge

      Mandator is probably going to happen at some undetermined point in the future.

      • Adm. Drakkmar

        Thank you. It’s about time that we finally had a good representation of the Mandator. I am not a fan of the streamlined, submarine-like styling of the current version.

        • gorkmalork

          I think the rationale for that ‘Warlords’ game-mod’s Mandator take was ‘dreadnought a few years prior to KDY doomwedge proliferation,’ but agreed on it not quite feeling right.

      • Rodtodd

        That’s terrific FS, keep in mind the extant Republic era tech leading to the more notable capital mobilizations for fleet (hours before Hoth) is probably eschewed for Mandator III. Instead, we have the Interdiction and fighter carrier roles to repurpose; true brawler builds at a time of Imperial assuredness at space superiority.

    • gorkmalork

      As I understand it, Fractal’s spin on Allegiance packs cruiser-grade firepower on an upper-end-size destroyer hull by maximizing reactor volume & minimizing non-power-related stuff like hangar space. Incidentally, the Bellator & Mandator weren’t that closely linked prior to the Essential Guide to Warfare; FS had intended to model Mandator as a slightly (i.e. 14 km) shorter but bulkier, pre-Executor dreadnought with some design commonality.

      • Xeno

        Mandator I and II are 8 kilometers, Mandator III is 12 kilometers, Bellator ~7.2 kilometers, Assertor 15, Executor 19.

  13. gorkmalork

    Digging this beast’s thruster layout, understated ‘terraces’, lovingly-greebled axial ridge & decent fantail firepower distribution. All told, this design & its carrier counterpart fill a notable gap ‘tween the upper-end destroyers & sundry Marvel/Dark Horse battlecruisers (even if most of those have been stricken from the ‘official’ record). Ah, and color me curious about those brim-trench pylons near the amidships MTL arrays: tractor beams?

    • Xeno

      It seems a lot like an Assertor/Bellator dwarf. Downright terrifying. If I was a rebel captain and I saw this barreling my way, I’d run. At least with an Executor your ship is probably smaller than it’s primary turrets…

      • gorkmalork

        Well, with Ex & others approaching her tonnage, it’s not so much the lack of any proper-for-zorching-you gun caliber so much as the logistical boondoggle of siccing that much ship on your CR90 squad or single MC80 in the first place. This one’s mean enough to solo most potential targets & less likely to give the bean-counters a triple bypass.

        • Xeno

          Haha true enough. Still, though, I never got why they made the Executor…I mean, 12-km mandator iiis aren’t enough?

          • gorkmalork

            Executor’s edge(s) over prior dreadnoughts might’ve involved sublight acceleration, carrier/tender capability, or EW/coordination (what with the Antenna City on her dorsal surface). Plus, shiny new flagshps to keep the Core properly spooked-err, secure.

  14. Xeno

    As I said, beastly ship. I love it.

    Any chance of the Imperial Light Cruiser or the Interdictor-class?

    (sorry for all my suggestions. Do whatever you like, and I’ll almost certainly still drool over it)

          • ARCONAUT

            Not a mistake, Xeno. The Immobilizer 418 was based on the Vindicator.

          • Xeno

            I meant that I called it an Interdictor, rather than an Immobilizer.

          • Sephiroth0812

            It still is “an” Interdictor though since the Im 418 has the abilities of an Interdictor.

            Strictly spoken all ships which have a grav-well to prevent hyperspace jumps or pull other ships out of hyperspace can be called an Interdictor because the term can also be used as a description for the functionality/ability of the ship, it’s limited to a class name.

            There does exist an “Interdictor-class” in Knights of the Old Republic, meaning the lead ship of that class was probably actually named “Interdictor”, but in terms of functionality the Immobilizer 418, the CC-7700 Frigate, Eclipse-class SSD and the “Dominator”-class Interdictor based on the ISD I-hull are all Interdictors.

    • Xeno

      I think he said 4.3 km. An Imperial-class is 1.6 km, a Procursator ~1.2 km, a Victory ~900 meters, those new Episode VII Resurgents about 2.9 km, a Venator about 1.1 km.

      • Sephiroth0812

        4.3 km would make it bigger than a Praetor Mark I (which is exactly 4 km), but smaller than a Praetor Mark II (4.8 km), thus placing it in the Star Battlecruiser range.

  15. Astro1derboy

    I agree with wminsing; would LOVE to see some Rebel ships with your treatment. 🙂

  16. RhysT

    I’m always curious about these ships. First of all what era do you see this one and the Impellor being constructed in? Like were a handful produced during the Clone Wars and then hit mass production in the Imperial Era? Or is this later than that even. Then of course I wonder what kind of defences does it have? I know that they have ray and deflector shields of course, but what are it’s point defence capabilities. I’m aware that many KDY warships under Tarkin’s doctrine suffered from trench run syndrome or whatever it’s called. Are these models any better or worse in that regard? If they are, what kind of defences do they have that set them apart one way or the other?
    Sorry, I get carried away. Still, beautiful design. Prefer the Impellor, but that’s just a preference towards carriers in general for me. I kinda picture these two ship classes as like a form of honour guard for star dreadnoughts and the like…

    • gorkmalork

      Offhand, I’m not sure the Tarkin Doctrine was ever *that* much of a crippling KDY design influence; for one thing, pretty sure the late-90s novels quoting Ackbar and/or Wedge on Impstar vulnerability took most of their numbers from the X-wing & Tie Fighter PC games, which were understandably a skosh snubfighter-biased. Plus, most of the fire we see from OT Imperial heavies seems to indicate plenty of medium or point-defense guns, including some nasty off-angle hits (cripes, Executor’s gunners came within an inch of averting that bridge impact). It’s just rather tough to perceive fighter-scale weapons on multi-mile hulls.

  17. wminsing

    Amazing work, as usual!

    Are the Rebels ever going to get a little love from you?

    • jonathan

      this is not a criticism on anyone who uses the term but I really don’t like “impstar” as an enemy designation. It doesn’t make sense in-universe unless there are also “venstars” “vicstars” and the like.

      just a thought.

      • Xeno

        It’s not because it’s an imperial-class star destroyer, but it would be a star destroyer in the imperial navy, owned by the empire. Get it?

        • gorkmalork

          For what it’s worth, those aforementioned X-wing books had Ackbar referring to Victories as “Vics” whilst Home One was engaging a minor ex-Imp warlord’s flagship & escorts. Not a huge fan of Allston (RIP) & Stackpole’s sense of scale, but I retain a soft spot for their sundry slang terms referring to fighters & capital craft alike. Plus, “Impstar” just rolls off my mental ‘tongue’ better than ‘ISD’ due to fewer syllables-sheer irrational preference at work. Certainly wouldn’t expect anyone else to follow my lead on this, and I’ll admit to using “Impstar” as lazy shorthand for “Imp capital ships in general” in the prior text-brick.

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