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  1. George Apley

    Wonder who makes this puppy. Doesn’t have the aesthetic of a KDY design. Good stuff!

  2. Steve Bannon

    I wonder if there’s any room in Palpatine’s order of battle for a dedicated heavy missile corvette based on this chassis. If one removes all the turbolasers/ions, you could probably pack 12 ordnance tubes of the same size as the Dreadnaught-Refit’s tubes Fractal did a while ago, which would allow such an Aiwha-II to deliver a punishing alpha-strike to any Rebels it stumbled across before jumping out. A fleet outrider recon-ship with the ability to punch far out of its weight class for a few moments before getting out is a capability that not only the Alliance should have.

    • Fractalsponge

      Missiles are good for amplifying power. Theoretically great for fixed battles. But in Imperial service, I think they’d be limited. Why? Rebels fight on ground of their choosing (if they’re at all smart) – at that point, having missiles is great. But the Imperial Navy has to be ready everywhere. So the relative value of “ship” money vs “warhead” money is different. A warhead carrier is pretty much only good for fixed battles – at all other times they are at best saddled with mass they won’t use (because who uses a multi-hundred teraton anti-capital warhead on a blockade runner?), and at worst an explosion hazard. On the defense they may never be in a situation to properly use their main battery, which is a waste of money. Better then to spend it on “ship” – less alpha power, but usable everywhere.

      Now the Aiwha does have alpha power (relative to its class), because MTL is pretty damn dangerous to anything short of a frigate. But those guns can find use all the time, while a hypothetical Aiwha-II would rarely get to use its weapons.

  3. Holy Cow! Awesome stuff. Oh how much I wish you were one of the design leads for the Star Wars Films. Not that I’m in any position to criticize the guys who are. I mean, I’ve got enough art and design education under my belt to realize just how much work has gone into even ONE of their creations. And I admit I certainly couldn’t do their job… Just wish they’d gone for different look for a lot of the new trilogy stuff. I digress, this is awesome. Keep up the good work.

  4. gorkmalork

    This star stingray sports a fine blend of clean lines & fire arcs, and the scale comparison with your Vigil class is much appreciated. Incidentally, would the Aiwha boast enough thrust to keep up with, say, an Indictor on fast recon duty?

  5. Quick question; her bridge, where is it?Since I can’t see it I assume it is an internal bridge, instead of the standard outer bridge seen in most SW ships. Great! A ship without an immediately visible target!

  6. Beautiful ship! Looks like the sort of ship I’d want in a fleet!

    • In my* fleet!

    • gorkmalork

      Certainly good to challenge the Mon Cal monopoly on spaceborne ‘marine’ aesthetic now & again, even if their designers seem stuck in a ‘submarine with skin condition’ rut. And the bridge is probably somewhere near/beneath that little sensor dome just above/behind the bow turret, though good luck pinpointing that while chasing a ship with this much thrust.

  7. Astro1derboy


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